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<title>Hogwarts Is Here Bio</title>
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<font size="4"> <font color="LightPink" > <font face="Cursive">~~~~~Basics~~~~~</font> </font> </font>
<font size="3"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
Age: 14
Gender: Apache Attack Helicopter
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single...and sad.
Current Residence: ur mom
</font> </font> </font>

<font size="3"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
go a
go aw
go awa
go away
go awa
go aw
go a
</font> </font> </font>

<font size="4"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Cursive">
~~~~~Appearance~~~~~</font> </font>
<font size="3"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
Race: Basic white girl.
Eyes: Big and bold. Blue/Green with hints of Yellow and a Blue/Gray rim.
Hair Color: Dirty blonde that fades into golden blonde.
Hair Type: Straight with a few waves, usually in a ponytail.
Build: Slim, 5 3", long legs.
</font> </font> </font>

<font size="4"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Cursive">~~~~~Magical Bio~~~~~~</font> </font> </font>
<font size="3"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
Patronus: Eagle
Wand: Fir wood, Unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and Unyielding flexibility
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent
</font> </font> </font>

<font size="4"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Cursive">~~~~~RP Rules~~~~~</font> </font> </font>
    <font size="3"> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
  • Preferably no one over 17.
  • "Watch ya profanity!"
  • Don't be a jack-wagon.
  • </font> </font>

<font size=“4”> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna">
<font size=“3”> <font color="LightPink"> <font face="Verdanna"> Rowan: Sending me the website that taught me this crap
FC: Elizabeth Olsen
</font> </font> </font> </font>
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