Nicole Briete
Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. - Oscar Wilde
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My Backstory
First year student (I'm a sixth year in my rps)
Age: 16 ( I can do older or younger for rps)
Appearance: medium-length black hair, blue-gray eyes, about 5"4
Sexuality:Straight, but I hate homophobics
Personality: I'm suspicious of people in general, I've had bad experiences with misplaced trust, but I'm outwardly friendly. I don't let people know what I'm actually thinking often, so the result is that though I have several friends, few or none really know me.(this is my real social life) I also hate the stereotype Slytherin.
Hobbies: I love music, I play violin and piano, I enjoy the outdoors and I'm trying out for Quidditch. I also LOVE to read.(Both the new dystopian stuff and also some classics)

Rp characters

James Sedly:
16 years old, 5" 10
Black eyes, half-curly black hair, lean

Allan Prior:
15 years old, 6" 2
Blue-green gray eyes, short brown hair, a bit lanky
(Guy best friend)


Chris Tailor
17years old, 5" 1
Pale blue eyes, short, curly back hair
(The only person at Hogwarts who knows where I'm from)

Lisbeth Myer
16 years old, 5" 8
bright blue eyes, long blond hair, tan and athletic
(She's my Slitherpuff buddy: )