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ɪ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ᴀ ᴅᴇᴀʟ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ

I’m 99% angel, but ohhhh that one percent

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Name: Polly da Demon
Appearance: long brown hair with streaks of gold, blue/green eyes
Sexuality: Pansexual
Characteristics: aggressive, fun, friendly, a bit crazy(not in a bad way)
Fav food: steak or ice cream
Fav drink: raspberry tea Snapple
Fav animal: wolf or kitten or hedgehog
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Age: A smartass three year old, who can turn fifteen in an instant, who can turn twenty-two in an instant (did you actually think I’d give you my real age?)

Likes: watching YouTube, nice good people, hugs, happiness, my two BFF’s, my friends, art, food, music

Dislikes: death, getting made fun of, the fact that there are bad people in the world

Theme Song: I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha

Notes: I often have mood swings
Oh and I almost never update this thing so don’t get offended if you’d ont get a special mention

Warning: I have anger issues and also swear a lot. If it says to keep it pg in your backstory or you say keep it pg or no swearing I will try to refrain from swearing
Hurt the ones I care about and you're dead


Cherry Coke(Elias)-little brother

I swear, if you hurt any of these people, you are not gonna wake up ever again

SPW family:

<summary>Special Mentions</summary>

-Liam - You are amazing! I’ve probably said this like fifty times by now but yeah :) I love you my awesome brother!
-Mia - You are living HiH proof that I attract crazy/weird people. You’re amazing! Especially because you support being weird! I love you mommy!
--`ღ´- Cherry Coke -`ღ´- - You're cool and I like you. idk what to say. Moriah Elizabeth. Now you’re my little brother! Yay! Hope you’re doing well!
-✻Abigail Rana✻ -twinno! You’re really awesome and I love how you asking like making people happy! Positivity! Miss you tho
-Kate & Aiden - Kate, you’re awesome and amazing and you’re always there for me! Aiden, tAlLo TaCo
-➳Trinity Pearl(Libs) - you’re awesome and weird and lovely! I lOvE yOu TiGeR
-[]Ghosty[] - Sir Ghost the Third! My ghost bestie! We don’t know each other that well but who cares! IdIoT bUdDiEs
-❀ levi the lonely ❀ - ello nephew! I hope chu is good! Always remember that you’re amazing and beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot! I’m always here for you
-tara white - demon buddyyy we’re gonna have so much fun together I know it! And tank chu for being there for me

If you’re not on here I’m sorry I rarely update this I’m sorryyyyy



<summary>Zella Zavet</summary>

Name: Zella Zavet

Gender: Female

Age: 8-19

Sexuality: lesbian

-Eyes: one blue, one brown
-Hair: wavy, long, one side light purple, one side light pink
-Skin: tanish
-Height: short
-Usual outfit: pastel yellow sweater with a pastel pink heart on it, a crop-top with pastel rainbow stripes “happy” written in big white letters on the back, pastel blue overalls with pastel green pockets, white knee-high socks, pastel yellow converse

Personality: bubbly, happy, optimistic, a bit hyper, trusts too easily, loves making friends, sweet, innocent but tough, she rarely gets hurt emotionally, she’s a daredevil but doesn’t do things that are too dangerous, feisty, extrovert, animal-lover, sometimes goofy

Favorite color: pastel rainbow!!!

Hobbies: drawing, making crafts, photography, reading, swimming, singing, playing video games, watching YouTube, posting on Instagram, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix

-She loves people and thinks everyone deserves a second chance, and maybe even a third
-She’s adopted
-She has a grey pet kitten named Zenny
-Her Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff

-Sarah Zavet(mother)
-Amy Zavet(mother)

Theme song: Lost Stars by Keira Knightley



<summary>Daniel Himmer</summary>

Name: Daniel Brian Himmer

Gender: Male

Age: 13-23

Sexuality: Bisexual

-Eyes: green
-Hair: green
-Skin: pale, a bit of light freckles
-Height: short
-Usual outfit: grey sweatshirt, green tshirt, dark green denim ripped jeans, black slip on Vans

Personality: ambivert, talks a lot but only with Alan, gets flustered easily, a bit shy, kind, smiles a lot, witty

Favorite color: green

Hobbies: reading, sketching, photography, making crafts, going outside

-He looks a bit childlike
-Loves hanging out with Alan
-Likes to annoy some of his friends but never goes too far
-He ans his sister were adopted
-His Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw

-Rachel Himmer(mother)
-Bianca Himmer(mother)
-Zoey Himmer(sister)

Theme song: Invisible by Zara Lasson

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<summary>Eve Onlede</summary>

Name: Evelyn Onlede

Gender: trans female

Age: 9-19

Sexuality: pansexual

-Eyes: brown
-Hair: curly, shoulder length, yellow
-Skin: a bit dark, freckles
-Height: kinda tall
-Usual outfit: white cropped tank top with a yellow butterfly on it, checkered yellow skirt, denim jacket with a yellow butterfly on the back, yellow checkered slip-on Vans, yellow ribbon as a headband, knee-high white socks

Personality: sassy, has a medium amount of friends, ambivert, know it all, usually happy, logical, takes a lot to scare her

Favorite color: yellow

Hobbies: swimming, bird-watching, writing stories, reading

-She only really talks to her friends
-She has her ears pierced and her right ear has two piercings
-She has a pet rabbit named Sunshine
-Her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw

-Alisa Anderson(mother)
-Robert Onlede(father)

Theme song: 7 rings by Arianna Grande



<summary>Gab Borting</summary>

Name: Gabriel Borting

Gender: male

Age: 10-20

Sexuality: bisexual

-Eyes: amber
-Hair: half black, half white
-Skin: a bit pale
-Height: tall
-Usual outfit: light pink hoodie, black t-shirt, black denim ripped jeans, high-top light pink converse shoes


Favorite color: light pink or black




Theme song:
(In progress)



<summary>Lucy Maltory</summary>

Name: Lucille Maltory

Gender: female

Age: 13-23

Sexuality: ace

-Eyes: amber
-Hair: long, straight, brown
-Skin: a bit tan
-Height: fairly tall
-Usual outfit: a black crop top, denim overalls with “QUEEN” written in black all over them, black finger-less gloves, a black choker, and black boots

Personality: a big ego, sassy, mean, short-temper, has anger issues, aggressive, bossy, blood-thirsty

Favorite color: black

Hobbies: messing with people, painting, hurting people

-Thinks she’s the boss of everyone
-She killed her parents
-Her Hogwarts house is Slytherin

-Renaldo Maltory (father)
-Fiona Maltory (mother)

Theme song: Centuries by Fall Out Boy



<summary>Alan Parker</summary>

Name: Alan Thom Parker

Gender: Trans male

Age: 11-21

Sexuality: Pan

-Eyes: coffee brown
-Hair: light brown
-Skin: light but not pale
-Height: short
-Usual outfit: denim jeans, pastel blue short sleeved shirt, blue hoodie, black converse

Personality: very sweet, loyal, very shy until he trusts you, actually very talkative around people he trusts, optimistic, usually smiling

Favorite color: blue

Hobbies: drawing, roller skating, ice skating, reading, making crafts, writing stories

-He’s part angel
-His ears are pierced
-He has a pet border collie named Jack
-His Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff

-Alanna Parker(mother)
-Arden Parker(father)

Theme song: Stand By You by Rachel Platten


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