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Tyrin Hollister is the youngest child of Izumi Yamada and the only known son of August Hollister. While most muggle born wizards are at first shocked and startled by their first bit of magic. Tyrin's family had become quite use to it as he was the thrid wizard to be born.

His older brother Shiro, and his sister Kayla both possesed the ability to cast magic, Tyrin displayed great promise as his first act of magic was at the age of 10,where he started breathing fire like the dragons he often fantazied about. At first mistaking it for a jinx put on him by his sister, the minstrey and his mother saw that tyrin had a knact for spells.

Soon it was time to go shopping. He went through the usual hustle and bussle of diagon alley. He only really got excited when he got his wand. A 12 3/4 inch Sycamore dragonheart sting wand. Which quickly became his favorite possesion.

Tyrins lack of fear and overall kindness made others assume he would be in Gryffindore of Hufflepuff, many of the older students though his brains would land him a spot in Ravenclaw. But no one could have known that he was destiend to be a Slytherin. It was soon quickly understood that the minitue it for you and him to become friends would be longer than it took for him to cut ties with you..This has often lead to him beimg mistooken as cold and heartless but is really just a result of his family moving alot when he was younger.

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