Moonlight Granger-Weasley

Who Doesn't Love Quidditch?

Never call my family blood traitors- *raise wand*- or I'll hex you to oblivion ~ Hermione Granger and Moon (me!)

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Name: Moonlight Granger-Weasley

Nickname: Moon

House: Gryffindor

Parents: Ron Weasley (pure-blood) & Hermione Granger (muggle-born)
Note 'bout my parents: If you call my dad a blood traitor and/or my mum a- *shudders*- mudblood, I will hex you to oblivion and keep that in mind *glares*

Age: 12

Siblings: Hugo (11) & Violet (13)

Blood Status: Half-blood

Sexuality: Straight

Wand: cherry and unicorn hair, 10 inches, slightly swishy

Patronus: horse

Animagi: horse

Pets: brown owl (Fudge, hehe)

Favorite Classes: History of Magic & Ancient Runes

Looks: Red hair like Dad, long and also wavy, braided in one or let down, or tie up messily, chocolate brown eyes like Mum

Family: Basically related to a lot of people

You're welcome to rp with me, but I do have some rules:
- Don't control my character, unless you want me to block you for a couple days
- You can do either one-liners or long liners, but just not too short and not too long
- Any genre is fine, romance, adventure, muggle, Hogwarts, etc
- I reply within 24 hours so don't keep commenting. I'm never on on Saturdays or Sundays
- Don't spam me or I spam you
- If you don't follow these, I'll block you for a few days. If you continue not listening to what I ask of you, I'll block you and won't unblock you
- Just wanna have fun with rps, so please be polite, NOT mean
Thanks!!! :D
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