Hazel Cory Ava-Lee Rump


Gender-Female.Sexuality-Still discovering.Blood-Father=squib, mother=muggle-born witch.Traits-Happy, sweet, hungry, kinky (its always the quiet ones)

  • Joined October 2019
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 83 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Australia



<justify>Hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ½" and slightly springy flexibility

Here are 10 things you need to know about me:

<justify>1- I am an only child and now consider myself as half-blood because my father’s parents were both magical, but he and his brother were both squibs, and my mother is a muggle-born witch. My parents were not sure if I was going to be magical, and my whole family was happy when I started displaying my magical abilities.

2- My father’s family have a hazelwood plantation that they cultivate for sale to both magical and muggle use. We have many trees that are chosen as homes by bowtruckles and so our wood is highly sought after by wandmakers.

3- My first display of magic was when I was 8

4- I introduce myself as Hazel but my full name is Hazel Cory Ava-Lee Rump the 7th. The scientific name of hazel trees is corylus avellana and my great-something grandparents thought it was cleaver to start the tradition of naming their kids after the tree. My dad is Cory Haziel Averill Rump. Our name Rump, however, came from my dad’s dad who married my grandma Hazanna Wood.

5- I have always wanted a little sister but after I was born my parents couldn’t have more kids.

6- I love bowtruckles! I know I mentioned them already, but they are really cool creatures.

7- As I was raised in a mostly muggle home, I have so much love for things muggle that most of my peers don’t understand. I love reading about magic, muggle magic is so intriguing that I hope real magic is exactly the same!

8- I hate the beach. Living in Australia it is really hard to avoid going to the beach but it is one of the things that I really hate. The smell, the sand, the idea of standing in water that is full of sea-creatures, yuck.

9- I wear glasses. Boring.

10- I love music. I have music around me all of the time and growing up in the muggle world that was really easy. I will have to find a way to listen to my music at Hogwarts (I know that muggle technology doesn’t work there). I am so used to having my portable music players at all times that I think I am going to struggle.
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