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My name is Astra Warbeck. Upon arrival at Hogwarts, I was sorted into Ravenclaw, which took forever. I became known as the longest hatstall in years, which was embarrassing to say the least. I love my charms and potions classes and am a teacher's aid in my divination class. Despite knowing everything there is to know about herbology, I am terrible at keeping plants alive, both magical and muggle, and do not enjoy that particular area of study. My mum is a pureblood and my biological father was a muggleborn. According to mum, he used to be kind, but after being discriminated against for being muggleborn, he turned foul and was terrible to the two of us. Father was removed from our household by the ministry after they found out about the situation at home. I was young when Voldemort's rein of terror ruled down. I remember mum and I hiding in the basement praying that we wouldn't be found downstairs. Because of that, my mum vowed never to feel powerless again and changed professions to become an auror. I am a strong leader who stands up for what I believe in. I will always fight for my friends and to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do have trouble letting people in and often put up walls to guard myself. I am very rarely vulnerable with people but I am always open to being there for everyone else. I am a metamorphmagus and an animagi. The form that I take most often, other than human, is a blue-grey silver fox. I hope to become a professor at Hogwarts at some point, but I would love to get a bit of real world learning in too.
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