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Name: Axel Green
Age: 16 (can depend on rp)
Appearance: hair is brown/blonde, green eyes, olive skin
Weight: Underweight
Habits: smoking,fighting, drinking and partying
Relationship status: Taken ^-^

Suffers from depression and anxiety. Has separation anxiety

Special mentions:

Jeremy ( My daddy!)
You are the best person I could ask for. All I ever am is whiny around you and you always take time and listen to my problems even though you most likely have your own. I love that you're always there for me. I love you so much!

Evan (Skittles!)
I'm glad I can still call you my best friend. You always listen to my problems and let me rant to you. You're just an amazing friend to have.

Liam (Waffles!)
You're a great rp buddy! You also listen to me rant about my horrible life even if we don't know much about each other. You're pretty much always there for me when I'm having a rough time and I appreciate that

(I realized after writing all of those I seriously have a complaining problem. Sorry!! kinda..)


Name| Beckett Jones
Height| 5'8
Weight| 130
Appearance| Black shaggy like hair, Silver/black eyes

Beckett always wears a mask over his mouth. There's no reason behind it he just does. He's closed off when you first meet him but once you get to know him he can be really sweet if he chooses to be.

Name} Everett Brookes
Sexuality} Gay
Appearance} Purple eyes, purple shaggy hair. Wears a black choker. Has a few earrings in his right ear

Everett is a very sweet and loving boy but also very shy. He doesn't talk to that many people. Even once you get to know him he's still going to be shy but more open than when you first meet him

Name> Holt Bennet
Age> 18
Sexuality> None of your business
Height> 6'0
Weight> Again none of your business
Appearance> black hair on one side and white on the other. Honestly don't know the color of his eyes.. Wears a black choker. Has a ton of piercings

Holt is basically your typical bad boy/fuck boy who picks on anyone and everyone. He stays off to himself and does what he wants. But if he let's you get to him, his walls fall down and he's very loving and caring. But only for the one person who has his heart

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