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(Younger Student) I'm Callie, I'm a Hufflepuff. I have a twin brother named Camron, who likes to draw and really doesn't like people. no one expected us to be in Hufflepuff. Our mom is a Slytherin and our dad is a Gryffindor...I know kind of weird, but anyway, our mom works in the department of mysteries, and our dad is an obliviator for the ministry. I grew up in Ireland in a family of successful, purebloods, there's no room for "weakness" in my family. Everyone thinks I should be in Gryffindor because I hate rules and people who make them, I don't wear shoes because one time my mom specifically told me to always wear shoes at school, and I don't really think before I do...anything really. but...if I were a Gryffindor that's where the sorting hat would have put me...right? Anyway, my brother thinks he's a Slytherin, but I know he's right where he belongs. Camron says he'll stab his friend Morty in the back first chance he gets, but I know he would never (Mortys' a Ravenclaw btw). I haven't made any friends yet, but I'm sure I will, I mean I'm in HUFFLEPUFF for goodness sakes! I just- don't know if I'm in the right house, I mean, sure I'm hardworking and loyal, but so are Gryffindors..,. I don't know, but I'm only a first year so I'm sure I'll figure it out. regardless, I can't wait for the rest of my years at Hogwarts! (I already got detention for not wearing shoes...)
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