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"Slytherin Ambition and a whole lot of love is all it takes" -Someone

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Name: Damien Williams.
Sexuality: Bisexual.

Sibling(s): Robert Williams(Two years older)
Medical problems: B.P.D
Name:Joshua Gunnar/Jamie Gunnar
Sexuality: Bisexual
(Transgirl.. Not out yet)Before transition:


Name: James Danate/ Ohailey(Ohailey was his last name before his mom married his step dad)
Siblings: Annabelle, Jude (step siblings)
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Parents: Step dad is potions teacher at Hogwarts. His mom is a pureblood hufflepuff.

Name: Lyyn Pack

Parents: Proud muggle parents. (She has two moms. No dad)
Character traits: Shy, Pushover, Patient, Fidgety.

Name: Zander Kento

Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them pronouns) Sex: (Which there is a different between gender and sex look it up) Male
Sexuality: Pansexaul
Age:Normally 17 in rp's
Parents: Good happy family of pure blood Ravenclaw parents.
Name:Jude Danate

Age:May vary
Parents: Father is potions teacher at Hogwarts.
Medical problems:
Siblings:Annabelle.(Red head, With tan skin freckles and green eyes. Age:3. She's Mute) James
Name: Jaiden Jack Romave

Type:Half blood
Age:May Vary
Medical Problems :ADHD
Fear: Amortentia
.......................... ......................................................
Name: Alec .J. Mason

Type:Pure blood
Age:May Very Depends on Rp (What i'm at right now is he's 16 most of the time)
Personality: has a lot of ambition and does everything is his power to Achieve his goals/sometimes around new people he'll just be plain rude to you, but through everything he's really just sweet
Sexuality: Pansexual
Parents:His dad is a Death eater and from Slytherin Pure Blood, His Mom Is also a Death eater and her house is Ravenclaw.
Dating?:Not at the moment
Siblings: Jakari Mason. Nina Crew.
Medical: Has asthma, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Random Oc's I'll mention in rp's for plot)

Name:Ivan Fang
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