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My Backstory

name ➯ audrey illea larke
age ➯ sixteen
gender id ➯ female
sexuality ➯ pansexual
pronouns ➯ she/her
tw/ lots of internalized homopobia!! she grew up with vv traditional parents so she def still in the closet
height ➯ five two
hair colour/texture ➯ honey blonde, soft curls, not quite ringlets but not waves
eye colour ➯ deep blue
overall image ➯ short, soft curves and almost ballerina like physique, pale in winter, golden ish hues in summer&spring. not orange
house ➯ hufflepuff
relationship status ➯ it's friday i'm in love (but still single)
lil things ➯ flustered very easily, stutters often, blushes a lot. she always wears a little charm bracelet with a dove on it to represent her only living family, her grandmère.