Robert Riddle


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This lonely half-blood is a Slytherin. He has piercing, bright green eyes. His fine, straight, jet black hair is worn usually straight and long, down to the middle of his shoulders at maximum. He is tall and has a rather slim but toned build. His skin is slightly pale. Once graduated, he started to travel to gain more knowledge on magical creatures in their natural habitats. He then bought a house with a forest behind it in order for him to create an animal reservse which he named "Riddle's Ranch". It let non-violent creatures roam free and undisturbed. There were also large domes which held more dangerous creatures. He has a Demiguise named Ruben as a animal companion. His wand is made out of Toadwood, which heavily favors those with a talent for dueling. The handle is made out of Hackberry Wood, which in turn tends to prefer those with strength and agility. However, the combination of this strand of Toadwood and Hackberry Wood means the wand will seek out somebody who's heavily in tune with nature. His wand has 3 cores. A core of elf hair which provides a decent all round boost to the owner's abilities and hippogriff claw is added to control the power of the elf hair core. Finally, a core of dragon heartstring is added in small amounts to enhances natural magic spells. The wand measures 9 inches/23 cm and has a gilded handle. The particular strand of Toadwood used in this wand is very common, which lowers the price of the wand, however, elf hair is not very common, resulting in a great wand for a decent price.


▪About Him▪ Height: 6'4 Weight: 190lbs Eyes: Bright Green Build: Toned but tall and slim. Hair: Jet black, usually long Patronus: Boa Constrictor Transfiguration: He's willing to tranfigure into anything but sticks with a wolf or snake.


•RolePlay preference• Non-mature preferred. Short replies are welcomed but it may take a while to respond. I like something to reply to, otherwise I need to think of something. If you have any ideas, feel free to approach.

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