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i just came back to this account what the fuck is this backstory

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(these information are not real)
Name: Sophia Clarke
DOB: October 7, 2007
Appearance: green eyes, pale white skin, long brunette hair.
-Pros: Friendly, helpful, calm and brave
-Cons: sometimes sarcastic and shy (very shy)
Hobbies: Drawing Anime, Editing Videos, Listening to jpop, playing lots of video games, practice magic and fly on a broom
Boggart: Dementors and seeing her loved ones getting hurt.
Goal: -is to be an Auror like her Father Someday.
Patronous: A Cat (I took a patronous quiz lol.)

My life was normal, My mother never let me go into her room. I was really curious to see what was inside her room.. So one day my mom told me that she was gonna have a business trip for one week. I was okay with that. Since I was curious to see what was in her room I decided to go in when she was at her business trip, So it was my chance. So I went in the room and investigated, I saw a picture frame beside her bed. There was me, my mom and... A guy. Maybe my father? I decided to go to my laptop after going into her room. I checked facebook and there were alot of friend requests, I scrolled down and saw someone with the same last surname as me. His name was "Alexander Clarke" He was my uncle, so i asked him alot of questions, "who is this guy?" then he said it was my father. I wasn't suprised at all, my guess was correct. I asked him, "where is he?","why isn't he here with me and my mom?" he replied "it's a long story. " He told me about the story between my mother and father.. How they met.
"So, they met on a school, Your mother's friends introduced him to her. So both of them decided to be friends. After months they became good friends to bestfriends. They had alot in common. Until one day she figured out that Alexander wasn't a muggle, he was a wizard. He was in a disguise, And made a fake identity. She was shocked. She never talked to him again. After years, They met again. "I'm Sorry, Dorothy." "It's alright" Dorothy replied to Alexander. Again after months, they became lovers. Then years, they had you. Then when you were five, an incident came. He died, no one knew what happened to him or what caused his death. That's why your mother kept this a secret from you, she didn't want you to be broken."
I was shocked and sad. After one week, My mother was back home. I acted like everything was normal. Then a hogwarts letter came by at our house. I asked my mother if I could attend the school, "let me think about it" she replied. Then it was night, so she allowed it. That's how I came to Hogwarts!
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