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Hello! Welcome to my bio! Here are my ocs!

I mention these people in the bios for my ocs
Alice King-

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Name: Iris Dawn
House: Gryffindor (Hatstall So technically griffinclaw but she chose Gryffindor)
Siblings: None
Pet: Snowy Owl, "FrostBite"
Patronus: Arctic Fox
Wand: Rowan wood, Dragon Heartstring, 13", Hard flexibility
Blood status: Muggle-Born
Year: 4
Best traits: Courage, Curiosity, Kindness, Intelligence
Enemies: -
Friends: Alice king, Autumn oakwood.
Appearance: Blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, tallish
Anamingus: None yet ^^
Sexuality: Biromantic/asexual
Relationship Status: single
Fun Fact: -

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Name: Autumn Oakwood
House: Slytherin
Siblings: Jay Oakwood (twin)
Pet: Toad (Bronze)
Patronus: sparrow
Wand: Ash wood, 11", Quite Bendy, Kneasle whisker core
Blood status: Half- Blood
Year: depends on rp
Best traits: Ambitious, sweet, lazy
Enemies: -
Friends: Iris, Alice
Appearance: (Metamorphagus) Mint green hair, gray eyes, and freckles
Anamingus: -
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Fun Fact: Her and her twin brother are metamorphagus', so they can change their appearance at will. She feels bad when other girls envy her ability to change her looks


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Name: Jay Oakwood
House: Ravenclaw
Siblings: Autumn oakwood (twin)
Pet: -
Patronus: Golden Retriever
Wand: elm wood, 13", unicorn hair core
Blood status: Half-blood
Year: depends on rp
Best traits: Courage, Lazy, protective of sister
Enemies: -
Friends: Autumn, Alice
Appearance: (Metamorphagus) Aqua hair, gray eyes
Anamingus: -
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: single
Fun Fact: him and his twin sister are metamorphagus', so they can choose their appearances at will

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Name: Samantha King (sam, sammy)
House: Hufflepuff
Siblings: Alice King, younger sibling (not at hogwarts yet)
Pet: Ferret named cookie
Patronus: Field Mouse
Wand: Rowan wood, Coral Core, 15" Quite bendy
Blood status: Half-Blood
Year: 6th Year
Best traits: Lazy, sweet,
Enemies: -
Friends: Alice King
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, grey-green eyes, very tall
Anamingus: None
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Fun Fact: Even though she is a year older than Alice, she is way less mature.

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Name: Gwendolyn Wood (Gwen)
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: -
Pet: Black and white cat "Tux"
Patronus: Albatross
Wand: Sycamore, 11", Pheonix Feather core
Blood status: Pure- Boood
Year: 7
Best traits: Great quidditch chaser, funny, confident, bold
Enemies: -
Friends: -
Appearance: Long red hair, pale skin, some freckles, smallish
Anamingus: -
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: single
Fun Fact: -

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My Roleplaying Rules:
U can OWL or post on my wall at any time
DO NOT make my character do stuff
IDC how long ur responses are so plz do not pressure urself to make them super long
Sometimes it takes me a little longer to reply and stuff so sorry if it takes me two days to write a reply lol
Have fun ^u^

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