Kazuto Kirigaya

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Hi I'm a Huge Anime Fan (especially Sword Art Online) I love Harry Potter too

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When I received my Sword Mastery Academy Letter (A different Magic school) that faithfull day, I lived in a rich family, my parents were almost always away on business trips. because we had money i could afford the NerveGear
(NerveGear is the second generation of FullDive technology, released in May 2022)
Monday January 1st 2024- I defeat the boss of Floor 50 in Aincrad Six-armed metallic Buddha statue and acquire the Elucidator Sword, I also acquire a unique skill Dual Blades but I keep it a secret.
Friday October 18th, 2024- I defeat the boss of Floor 74 in Aincrad Gleam-Eyes and use Dual Wielding for the first time
(5/25/380) Monday May 25 380 Underworld- I'm Currently in a coma because my Fluctlight Got Fried (Fluctlight is the quantum particle that contains the human consciousness, the soul.)
Height: 5"9
Blue Eyes
Dark Brown Hair
Wand: Beech wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ½" and reasonably supple flexibility
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