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My name is Michael Nott, and I am a half-blood wizard, born of a Muggle mother and a pureblood father. My father was Theodore Nott, of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Nott, whose parents were blood purists who supported Voldemort in the last war. My father refused to join the ranks of the Death Eaters when approached, and fearing the wrath of the so-called Dark Lord, as well as that of his own family, he fled England and took refuge in the United States.

Whilst in America, Father met and fell in love with a Muggle girl named Mabel Clark, who lived slightly outside the village he was hiding in. Due to the prohibition of wizards interacting with Muggles (called No-Majs in America) enforced by MACUSA, Father and Mother had to keep their love secret, and would often meet in the woods outside the village. It was in these woods that Father first revealed that he was a wizard to my mother., casting various spells as proof. My mother, rather than run from him in fright, expressed delight and brought him into a tearful embrace, pledging that he had her support.

My parents' relationship continued to evolve, as the Second Wizarding War raged in Europe. Eventually, in 1998, when Harry Potter defeated Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts, all was safe. Wizards and witches around the world rejoiced, my father among them, for now, he could return to England with my mother, where they would not be forced to hide their love.

Upon his return, my father discovered his entire family had been slain, either at the Battle of Hogwarts or by Voldemort's angry hand. He was the sole surviving member of the Nott family. As such, he was able to claim Headship of the family, and my mother and he moved into the old family manor in Wiltshire.

Theodore Nott and Mabel Clark were married on the 13th of September, in the year 2000, in an ornate wedding ceremony held in the manor garden. Various members of other Most Ancient and Noble Houses were in attendance, as well as schoolmates of both Father's and Mother's, and Mother's family.

I was born on the 7th of April, in the year 2002 at St. Mungo's. As a child, Father pounded pureblood etiquette into my head, whilst rejecting all the pureblood supremacy rot. I attended Wizengamot meetings as a child, where Father taught me the inner workings of our legislative and judicial bodies. He also ensured I was able to decipher bank statements and knew of the importance of maintaining and managing wealth, without being seen as flaunting it.

As for Mother, her Muggle upbringing caused her to hold firmly to the belief that all are equal. Although we kept the service of a house-elf, Mother made sure I knew that this service was a privilege, and I was raised to respect not only Tinky but all creatures, Muggle and magical. She was an avid gardener and we spent a lot of time in the flower garden behind the manor.

Upon entering Hogwarts, I was Sorted into Slytherin, with most of my friends. I look forward to all my classes, especially Herbology and History of Magic.
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