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Name: Jamie Blaze
Gender: female
Age: 17
Occupation: student (7th year)
Birthday: 19th December
Friends: Wendy Trickett, Bethan Woods, Elpsbeth Pines, Remy Castle, Chavali Lockman
Species: Human (in fantasy she's a demon)
Appearance: hair fades black to white, one blue eye, one purple eye, ivory skin
Personality: confident, aggressive, rude, unfriendly, sweet to her friends
Amortentia: Chocolate and marshmallows
Patronus: orangutan

Name: Wendy Trickett
Gender: female
Age: 16
Occupation: Student (6th year)
Birthday: 15th January
Friends: Jamie Blaze, Bethan Woods, Elpsbeth Pines, Remy Castle, Chavali Lockman
Appearance: ginger hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned, freckles
Species: werewolf
Personality: friendly, compassionate, confident, helpful, sporty
Amortentia: lavender
Patronus: boarder collie

Name: Remy Castle
Gender: female
Age: 26
Occupation: auror or in some rps professor
Birthday: 7th April
Friends: Jamie Blaze, Wendy Trickett, Bethan Woods, Elpsbeth Pines
Species: animagus (fox)
Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin
Personality: Laid back, sweet, friendly, chilled out
Amortentia: sea salt
Patronus: sloth

Name: Elpsbeth Pines
Gender: female
Age: 22
Occupation: Care Of Magical Creatures professor
Birthday: 27th November
Friends: Jamie Blaze, Wendy Trickett, Bethan Woods, Remy Castle
Species: cervitaur (half deer half human, centaur type thing)
Appearance: Light brown hair, hazelnut eyes, fair skin, freckles, light grey antlers (I know females don't have antlers but it gives her a more noticeable appearance)
Personality: shy, awkward, jumpy, kind
Amortentia: freshly cut grass and rain forests
Patronus: doe

Name: Chavali Lockman
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Birthday: October 13th
Friends: Jamie Blaze, Wendy Trickett
Species: Krsnik
Appearance: Brown hair down to her lower back, silver eyes, pale skin, white wings that resemble an angel's
Personality: friendly, kind, short tempered, can be hostile and aggressive to the people she doesn't like
Amortentia: Wisteria vines, lavender and pinetrees
Patronus: Husky

!Sometimes I will use my less frequently used OCs, Rue, Charlie and Moeka if they fit the RP!
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