Luna Amberson

Student (angel/ demon)

I dont know what I'm doing, I'm just doing it- a boring kids show

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Name:Luna Amberson
Blood status: pure blood
Siblings: Abby Amberson, Lola Amberson, Folu Amberson, Blessing Amberson, Kemi Amberson
Parents: Jenny Nimbus and Chris Amberson ,(step dad) Tony Nimbus.

My mom is an angel and dad a demon. I dont like being a demon I only show it when I'm mad. I have 5 sisters. I like to read ,sing, and I like almost anything. Well other than myself and animals. I cant stand hatred or injustice or being unfair. That is just a trait. I want to help everyone. I can the good in the bad. I guess something I was born with. I love to laugh and make others laugh too. I love art and drawing. Kinda of a coward and a wimp. Magic is in my vains. I love muggle things. Enough about me time for powers.

Powers: angel: healing, can see the future, can see auras, see peoples innermost thoughts, soft baby blue wings, magic arrows, engery blasts, empathy, and telekinesis
Demon powers: mind control, morph into anything, energy blasts, death blasts, sword of night, big scarlet wings. Telekinesis , vampire

Appearance: normal: shoulder length hair jet black. One eye is baby blue the other is blood red. Usually wear comfortable clothes and boots.

Wand:holly 10in unicorn hair

Fun fact: my powers come from the sun moon and stars.
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