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MAKENZIE: (main)
Makenzie was always mistaken for a gryffindor, but it was her wits and wisecracks that landed her in the house of ravenclaw. By fourth year, she had learnt an array of defensive and offensive spells, and was never slow to pull her wand when someone was being mistreated or there was something bad happening. She graduated and attended secondary wizarding school to be an auror. When she graduated, she was hired by the ministry almost instantly. She wouldn't deny that the aurors could get crazy, but these were the dueling and defense champions of the ministry out fighting crime. In her opinion, that made up for some of the stupid things they did in the past.

Makenzie was often told that there wasn't a spell she couldn't use. That was not true. Makenzie hated it when she saw avada kedavra or crucio cast on a person. She had no problem using imperio on someone being taken into custody though.

She has never really found 'love' but she thinks she'll know it when she'll see it.

Makenzie is 22 and 6'2, american.

Animagus form: wolf

Jason Boot:
Jason was the son of Terry boot, a ravenclaw student back in the wizarding world times. He like his father, was a ravenclaw. He was only a fourth year student.

Jason is 5'4; french

Brandon Creevy

Brandon was the child of denis creevy, who was the brother of colin creevy, who perished in the second wizarding war. He was in gryffindor, and he had graduated with makenzie lovegood. Like her, he became an auror. Makenzie had saved his skin more than once, especially when she took a beating after someone squared him in the jaw at the ministry.

Brandon is 6'4; american; 22

Jackson Goyle:
son of vincent goyle; student; hogwarts age, fifth year
jackson is 5'9; american; 15

Esme Watsons:
healer for st. mungos
6'1; british; 28

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