Louisa S R W

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Mother: Severina Snape - Half blood X GRYFFINDOR
Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle - Half blood X SLYTHERIN
Husband: Charlie Weasley - Pure blood GRYFFINDOR
Daughter: Sevie Weasley GRYFFINDOR
Son: Bertie Weasley

I was raised by my uncle (Severus Snape X SLYTHERIN) who taught me to be very independent.
Transfigurist, Parseltongue,

Personality: erratic. very serious when it comes to parents, uncle or death eaters but crazy fun when around loving family.

Wand: Sycamore, 12 1/2", unbending, Dragon heartstring
Patronus: Granian
Boggart: Clown

Louisa Snape-Riddle (Weasley)

Loo, Gred & Forge - 1996

George, Fred, Cedric & Lou - 1995

(Pattinson is the only one with natural coloured hair)
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