Student / HERB and TNFG PA
Hello and welcome all!!! I'm a Third Year student at Hogwarts with the intentions of expanding my knowledge about magic. Good to see you all around!!
  • Joined March 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 6265 House Points
  • 3rd Year
  • UY
My Backstory
Being a Muggle-origin person, I had always been interested in magic whatsoever. I have completed my former Muggle studies in English, thus becoming a teacher of that language in my former country. However, I was really glad when I received a special message, strictly addressed to me. When I opened that envelope, I saw that I had been awarded a full scholarship for Hogwarts.
This event was extremely joyful. I told my parents the good news and they were very delighted with them.
So here I am. Broadening my mind with new magical terms, spells and theory to become a great wizard. I wished to be sorted out in Ravenclaw and so it happened. The Sorting Hat discovered a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, characteristics of a Ravenclaw person. I am a very caring person, enjoy spending time with others and someties a bit overprotective with my friends. However, I am sometimes stubborn and independent, which make me do things in a rush without even thinking of possible consequences in some situations., My plans after Hogwarts are becoming a Healer and work as such in a clinic of my own or at St.Mungo's. I will need a lot of studying, especially in Potions, DADA, Herbology, Transfiguration and Charms. Although it would not be bad to know a bit of other things too, like History of Magic or Care of Magical Creatures.

Academic Background


ASTR-101: 87% (E)
CHRM-101: 95% (O)
DADA-101: 92% (O)
HERB-101: 99% (O)
HOM-101: 87% (E)
PTNS-101: 98% (O)
TNFG-101: 92% (O)
DADA-101: 92% (O)


ALCH-201: 100% (O)
ANCR-201: 97% (O)
ASTR-201: 96% (O)
CHRM-201: 93% (O)
COMC-201: 96% (O)
DADA-201: 96% (O)
DIV-201: 97% (O)
HERB-201: 94% (O)
HOM-201: 97% (O)
PTNS-201: 94% (O)
TNFG-201: 97% (O)


ALCH-301: 98% (O)
ANCR-301: In progress
ANST-301: 98% (O)
ASTR-301: 95% (O)
CHRM-301: 98% (O)
COMC-301: 100% (O)
DADA-301: 98% (O)
DIV-301: 95% (O)
HERB-301: 95% (O)
HOM-301: In progress
MUST-301: 100% (O)
PTNS-301: 97% (O)
TNFG-301: 94% (O)


ALCH-401: 100% (O)
ANCR-401: Not started
ANST-401: 99% (O)
ASTR-401: Unreleased
CHRM-401: Not started
COMC-401: Not started
DADA-401: Not started
DIV-401: Not started
HERB-401: 97% (O)
HOM-401: Not started
MUST-401: Not started
MYTH-401: 99% (O)
PTNS-401: Not started
TNFG-401: In progress

My wand is as follows: Willow wood / 12 inches / Quite flexible / Unicorn Hair Core

PA for the following courses (You can ask any questions about any of these subjects):

Herbology Y1-Y2-Y3-Y4
Transfiguration Y1-Y2-Y3