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NAME: Leon Kaspar
SURNAME: Dimitrovich Romanov
AGE: 16
ORIGINS: Pure Blood
SPECIAL SIGNS: his eyes are of a strange shade of blue, tending to purple
WAND: Maple and unicorn's hair, 11 and half inches, quite rigid.
FACE CLAIM: Steven R. McQueen

PHYSICAL APPEARENCE: compared to most of his friends, he has medium-length hair, with some rebel tufts falling on his forehead. The eyebrows are not particularly thick, they are of an almost blond brown, but they are quite fine, some even ask him if he has them. A distinct feature of Leon are the eyes, of a cut and a very unusual and particular blue-purple color, the result perhaps caused by her mother lineage, but it is not known. The lips are smooth, fleshy and of a not particularly bright pink. He has a slightly pointed chin, with a dimple in the center that is accentuated slightly when he smiles and a small nose, slightly upwards. For his age he is a fairly mature boy, as he is slightly taller than average and his firm and well developed muscles are particularly noticeable, precisely because of his lean but trained physique.

PERSONALITY: he is a nice, witty, romantic boy and has a great weakness for beautiful girls: these are the typical character traits of Leon. He has a strong presence, impossible to force him to do something he doesn't want to do or doesn't think right. This way of being is transmitted to others in no uncertain terms. Determination always accompanies him, as well as the power of his character that manifests itself even when it is quiet and peaceful. Someone like him either hates him or loves him can certainly not go unnoticed! He manages to look into people's hearts going beyond superficiality. Someone may feel naked in front of him also because of the intimidation it causes. Others are hopelessly attracted to his way of doing because he always manages to read between the lines. He drops any hardness barrier once he is attracted to a person and is willing for them to put aside his pride. He is always realistic, which is why he tends to prefer stable and lasting relationships rather than easy flirts. He does not show much patience with those who do not really care about him and on the contrary he throws himself with all of himself when he loves a person. It responds to the outside world in a different way, that is, it will remain calmer or show all its exuberance during the days, but basically the external perception will always remain the same. Another big factor that characterizes his personality is his total disregard for the rules and above all not giving too much importance to his thoroughbred origins, both with his attitude at home and at school. Despite these aspects of his character, which often put him in trouble, he is not an immature or capricious person, in fact he is always ready to take responsibility for his choices and their consequences. Often he acts impulsively, but he can also do it after a clear reflection, provided that the situation allows it.

BACKGROUND: His story actually begins well before his birth. The house of the Romanovs in Russia was in free fall, the wealth and nobility now irreparably compromised. His grandfather Sergjei, in order to keep the bloodline intact, since no Russian thoroughbred wanted to give him his daughter as a wife, married his sister Ekaterina, many years younger than him. The result was a single son, Dimitri Nicolaj, with obvious psychotic disorders, whose magical powers manifested themselves uncontrollably following strong emotions or sudden stress. Upon Sergjei's death, Ekaterina left Russia with the then twenty-four-year-old Dimitri, selling the castle now incurable due to the few riches left, and moved to England where her son married Janet Laine, a rich thoroughbred witch sorted in his time in Ravenclaw and went to live in a charming village surrounded by woods and fields on the hills near London. They had enough wealth to allow themselves to live a dignified life, without missing anything and for years they lived happily and serene. The first great joy was the birth of his son Leon, an unusually purple-eyed child, to whom no one could ever find an explanation. The eldest son was followed almost the same year by his sister Anja, as the two passed by eleven months and twenty days. Despite the close parts, everything went well and the family was rejoiced again by the birth, two years later, of a third child: Rex. Life continued normally until Ekaterina died: when his mother died, something broke in Dimitri, who left his wife and two children and returned to his beloved land of Russia.
A few months later, Janet learned that he had been imprisoned in Nurmengard after he brutally murdered two wizards whom he blamed for being "the ruin of his family." They never met again. Leon grew up quickly, cheerful and carefree, without any disturbance. No noteworthy event marked his childhood, or so it was thought. In fact, he voluntarily removed sad memories from his sister, who disappeared into the Epping Forest at the age of four while hanging out with Leon. Neither the Muggle authorities nor the magical ones ever managed to track her down and her fate is still unknown. His mother was a normal person, however normal a witch may be and loved him with all of herself. Leon didn't even care why his father had left. It was normal for him that this figure was absent in his family and he didn't complain, learning to strum his father's violin and becoming a discreet fancer. He grew disjointed and with the myth of the Gryffindors, with his mother sighing every time he returned home battered but smiling for the fantastic adventures that only children can live, until, on the day of his eleventh birthday, the letter that summoned him to attend Hogwarts arrived. Since then, that is his second home. In Hogwarts he is quickly noticed, he is the classic student Gryffindor, dedicated to exploring the castle, incurable heartbreaker and he almost love to get into trouble over and over again. It is only in the fifth year that something finally changes in him and he want to be a good student. Now, he's in the sixth year.
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