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Nickname: Ruj
Gender: Straight Female
Hair: Long, ebony black
Eyes: Deep Black
Race: Asian Indian
Likes: Romance, Food, Books, Music
Dislikes: Meat (I'm Vegetarian), Nonfiction Books, Rap Music
Favorite Subjects: DADA, Potions
Least Favorite Subject: History of Magic
Patronus: Osprey
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'6
Wand: Redwood wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 ¼" and brittle flexibility
Boggart: Figure calling my name for confrontation
Fav Type of Roleplay: sweet mature romance
Versions in RP (Pick 1/+):
Pick your own
(More to come!)

Twilight RP:
Character Name: Regina Oak
Race: Human (Future Vamp)
Race Affiliation: (In coven in future)
Place of Origin: Pennsylvania, USA, but moves a lot due to new families (explained in backstory)
Special Ability: (In future: Can will something to happen by imagination, but it won't be temporary, it can change very easily; can only will event by event)
When I was 10 years old, both my parents died from a car crash. I always blame myself, because I was such a pampered child that I had stayed home to watch movies while they went out in a blizzard. It was for my education that they went to work in such a storm. Ever since then, I have traveled from foster home to foster home. I am 16 and currently live in New jersey with a family that is trying very hard to keep me happy.
I'm not a troublesome child, I'm just very quiet. And I don't smile much. That's why foster homes usually give up on me. Even people in my high-school just leave me alone.
The only thing I enjoy doing is imagining scenes from books, movies, and just other random things in my head and drawing them in my big sketchbook from my parents. I don't show anyone my sketches. And I'm also a hopeless romantic. I hope for a guy to take me away from this annoying world. I draw this a lot in my sketches.

Tips for Roleplaying With Me:
If you're roleplaying with me, please use complete sentences and please try not to write 1-line every time. Whenever you write something, ask yourself what you would write next and if it's obvious for me to reply or if I can at least continue the story somehow.
I usually write using Ruj but Ruj can have many personalities so each time will be a little different. I mostly write in 1st person POV without using "you", talking about the person who I'm roleplaying with. But, if you start, I'll usually adapt your way of roleplaying for that time, unless you don't use complete sentences and grammar, then I'll just stick to my own way.
Another thing that's important to me is that you use quotations. This is so I can tell what you're actually saying and what you're just thinking or what's happening.
If I want to ask or tell you something during a roleplay that's not part of the story, then I will put it in parentheses and ask that you do the same.
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