Bobby Drake
If you want to chat, owl me! (because I have no friends lol). Need People to talk to during the quarantine
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My Backstory
I am Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman and I am a mutant. When I was a teenage i was found by Professor Charles Xavier and he took me in to his school for mutants. I graduated and became part of the Xmen protecting the world from threats

Age: 18

Birthplace: Tipano, New York

Girlfriend: Kitty Pride

Other Friends: Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto, Piotr "Colossus" Rasputin, Jubilation Lee, John Allerdyce (Formally)

Occupation: Part of the X-Men
Looks: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, 6' 2''
Personality: Kind and Loyal to his friends and Family.
Powers/ Abilities: Cryokinesis/Cryogenesis
Species: Mutant


Bobby Jones
Age: Normally 17 (depends on rp)
House: Ravenclaw
Sexuality: Bi
Characteristics: Dark brown hair, green eyes, 5' 6''.
Personality: Smart, Kind but easily annoyed

Matthew Lupin
Age: 16 (Depends on rp)
House: Gryiffindor
Sexuality: Straight
Characteristics: Bright Red hair, brown eyes, 5' 3''
Personality: Sassy but loyal to his friends

Mallory Kelly
House: Hufflepuff
Age: (Depends on rp)
House: Hufflepuff
Sexuality: Lesbian
Characteristics: Blonde. Blue eyes. 5' 2''
Personality: Extremely nice and loyal to all her friends