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When I received my letter I was so excited! My parents, both muggles, couldn't believe their eyes, and honestly, me neither. I started studying way before the school start, I was just too excited, it was like a dream come true, like waking up in my favourite fairy tale. When we went to Diagon Alley to do the shopping, I almost fainted and my parents with me. And let's not even begin talking about the Hogwarts Express. The most exciting thing EVER.

During the Sorting Hat ceremony I was so anxious, not because I was afraid of ending in some Houses, as a Muggleborn I really didn't know all the stereotypes surrounding the Houses, but because I thought the Hat would think that I was not suitable for a Magic School, that I was in the wrong place, everything a big mistake, and they would send me back.
What happened, though, was that after a long time sitting there with the Hat on my head, its voice in my mind telling me it wasn't that simple placing me, it shouted Slytherin!! I was so happy; I don't care what other people thing about our House (I had my fair share of fights because of stupid prejudices), I don't care if some of my House mates avoid me and still send me bitter looks because of my blood, I'm happy and I feel at home here in this castle and in Slytherin Common Room, surrounded by peace, silvers and greens, and the view of the depths of the Hogwarts lake.

Talking about classes, my favourite ever is Defence Against the Dark Arts, followed closely by Potions and Care of Magical Creatures. I also enjoy Charms and Astronomy, and I really can't stand History of Magic. I'm still good at that, though, I'm a bit of a swot and I'm working to get the highest score on my tests.
I'm still not sure what I'd like to do after I finish school, I'm interested in photography and in the Wizarding Accademy in Dramatic Arts, but also in becoming a Magizoologist, a Dragonologist to be precise.

I'm also interested in Quidditch, but I'm not sure I'd be suitable for the team. I'm friendly but also really shy and awkward, and I value time spent alone with myself, even though sometimes that just feels lonely. I'm not really good at being social.

I've got an hybrid cat called Beagle, half-cat and half-Kneazle.

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