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Mei Cybele King was born a Half blood to Boreas King(Squib) and Lyra Timmerson(No Mag) in the United States. Mei's father worked as a caretaker in Hogwarts around the time of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power and fought along side the Order of Phoenix despite being a squib, but because of this Mei had the choice to attend Hogwarts. When she was being sorted the hat declared she be put into Hufflepuff the second it hovered over her head. Being Half-Blood hasn't affected Mei much but there were the few people who remind her of who her father was. Mei has take quite the liking to care of magical creatures and potions. There were a few classes she did well in like transfiguration but she wasn't the biggest fan of the class because it bore her. Mei's greatest strength would definitely would be how quickly she can form bonds with others, though her shyness does get in the way of her being able to start conversation but once she is comfortable be assured that Mei will be the most loyal person to her friends and family. After she has graduated school she wants to become a Magizoologist. The most fascinating thing she find about magic would have to be the creatures and different spells she can use. Mei wishes to be able to use magic to help other and possibly be able to have witches and wizards live in harmony with muggles. Mei has a pet barn owl who she name Boreas after her late father because of the close resemblance they had. Boreas is definitely protective of Mei, he will start screeching or attempt to bite anyone who tries to harm her of talk bad about her and Mei is very thankful to have such a brave owl by her side. Mei wouldn't really think there was anything interesting about her family other then her dads side being magical and maybe having an uncle who is Metamorphmagus.
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