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My Backstory
I am a Gryffindor student, a Pure-blood. I like all the Mud-bloods and Squibs and Half-Bloods. I was accepted at Hogwarts and my parents were so proud to have a wizard in the family. I am from Romania and I was very excited when the acceptance letter came. I always wanted to study at Hogwarts and now I am here!!! I really like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Charms, Potions and Herbology. I brang with me, here at Hogwarts my white and black cat, Donny and my orange and white cat, Mickey. Since I was 5, my parents noticed that I have special powers. Once, a boy stole my ice cream and after 1 minute, he started to vomit snails and another time, when I was a little bit older, at school, a gang of ,,cool" boys started bullying me and I was very angry, so all the windows from the first 3 floors have been broken by me without touching them. Yes..., that's my story! It's not very interesting, but I hope to make a lot of friends here!