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Wishes To Turn Back Time

Thank you to all who read my books!! I love ya 3000!!

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~Favorite Foods~ Cookies because they are like a little taste of home to me. Chocolate but only if it's vegan because I'm lactose intolerant. Fruits, I know it sounds odd but I love fruits. Veggies, again weird but I'm a healthier eater sometimes. Junk food!! I will give up being healthy when I want. Pizza, I can have it when I take my pills. (etc.) ~Favorite Colors~ Baby blush pink!! It's super cute and I love it. Some other shades of pink. I'm picky so only some of them I like. Baby blue. I think it's just really cute. Faded light minty green. Idk but I just like it. Rose Gold. Very pretty and fancy. (etc.) ~Favorite Activities~ Volleyball. I like it when I'm not forced to do it Cheer. Well, I'm not in it but I really want to!! Basketball. I like defense the best. Golf. I love golf it's very calming and plus it helps me get my anger out faster. Riding bike. Weird but fun. Go on random walks. Again strange but I can't help it. (etc.) ~Facts About Me~ Writer. I write many books. Friend. I have many friends on here and I'll give you a shortlist: Liv Brownie Courtney Lestrange Hadley (not on HiH) Kasey Lovegood Izzy (not ono HiH) Lauryn (not on HiH) Isabella Ravenclaw I sometimes draw. Only sometimes because something happened. Famly. 2 parents, 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 dog. I'm lactose intolherent. I know I already said this but it's true but I take pills so I can eat dairy. (etc.) ~Favorite Animals~ Cats. I love them!! Dogs. I love them too but I love cats better. (ik some people would like to argue but it's my opinion.) Birds. Only some tho. Owls!! Super cute. (etc.) Credits to: Enloa Artemis Evans!!

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