Aya Potter
Hey! So, I know my account says Slytherin, I'm actually a Slytherclaw but that's ok! I'm here to learn and make friends. Nice to meet you all!
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My Backstory
My name is Aya Hermione Potter, I have a twin sister named Gracie but she’s a squib, my parents are James Sirius Potter and Sadie Astoria Potter, I am pure blood, but proud to be a blood traitor, sorted into Slytherin house at hogwarts where I my life went upside down, but I’d rather not talk about that. I had always wanted to be a healer, since before Hogwarts even! In fact, my teachers we're so impressed by my healing spells, I often helped out the nurse during my free time. My favorite classes were potions, herbology, and charms, and DADA of course. At first, I considered becoming the Hogwarts healer after I finished school, but instead, I was offered a position at St. Mungos Hospital and couldn't turn it down. On my first day on the job, I had to heal someone who had managed to break 27 bones and lose 17 of them. Since then, I've become the go-to Healer for lost bones because of my infamous skill in making Skelegro. Once I retire, I plan on writing a book about my grandfather (Harry Potter)’s life based on my opinions of it. Until then, I’m here to heal. I’m hoping to make some friends here!