Merlin D. Trelawney

Ravenclaw Student and Nerd

Hi, I'm Merlin. I love to read books, and I'm a loyal Ravenclaw. I am also a member of The Keepers, who are dedicated to making Hih more Harry Potter-y again.

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 367 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


"Wit beyond measure is our greatest treasure."

-Rowena Ravenclaw


I was born in America, though my parents wanted me to attend Hogwarts. For some reason, my parents kept knowledge of the Wizarding World from me until a few months before I went to Hogwarts. When I got there, I was sorted into Ravenclaw. My life's dream is to be a Hogwarts Professor, Author, or Magizoologist, because I love learning, books, and amimals.


I am a Keeper.

A Keeper is someone who is dedicated to restoring Hogwarts Is Here to what it was: a safe, fun, friendly place for Potterheads to interact. A Keeper also works to keep the spark of the Wizarding World alive.


Note: I do not do roleplays, sorry!





Merlin Daegal Vanir Adair Trelawney





Career Aspirations:

Wandmaker, Magizoologist, Author




I'm a Ravenclaw through and through. The Sorting Hat sat on my head for only thirty seconds before declaring me a Ravenclaw.



Ravenclaw House, Trelawney Family, Hogwarts Friends



Intelligent, Bookish, Logical, Witty, Creative, Compassionate, Nerdy, Ravenclawesome

I have always been cautious and careful, preferring to read books than to meet new people. However, when I make a new friend (a rare occurance) we usually have lots of similarities.


Special Ability:

Partial Legilimens

I can tell if someone is lying, but I cannot read their minds


Ilvermorny House:

Horned Serpent

Horned Serpent is the rough equivalent of Ravenclaw and favors scholars. Plus that's what I got on Pottermore.


Secondary House (The House I would be in if not in Ravenclaw):




English Oak, Unicorn Hair, 14 1/2 inches, Hard Flexibility

Mr. Ollivander tried several wands for me, including Willow, Dragon Heartstring, and Elm, Unicorn Hair, both of which came close before my wand chose me. I share the same wood as Hagrid and supposedly my namesake. 

(Note: I am actually reconsidering if English Oak is the right wand core for me. Let me know if you have any ideas!)




I was pleased to discover that my Patronus was this curious and intelligent creature.


Blood Status:


I was always confused about my blood status and still am, but for now this is what I believe to be.



1 Cat, 1 Owl

An orange and white fluffy tabby cat called Seamus and a barn owl called Luna.



Failing everything in school

The very worst. I can also have a boggart of beloved animals dying.



Books, Autumn, Wind, Rain

All combined equals the perfect day.


Mirror of Erised:

N/A (I've never looked)


Animagus Form:

I am still learning about Animagi and am unsure if I wish to become one.


Quidditch Position:


I like to watch Quidditch, but not play it. If I had to play Quidditch, and I do occasionally, I would play Seeker. 


Quidditch Team:

Puddlemere United

I also support the Montrose Magpies and the Kenmare Kestrels.


Best Subject:

Care of Magical Creatures

I am also adept at Charms and Herbology.


Worst Subject:


Mainly because I am squeamish about all the animal parts used.


Favorite Wizarding Candy:

Chocolate Frogs


Favorite Wizard Shop:

Flourish & Blotts


Favorite Characters:

Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Percy Weasley, Isolt Sayre, Newt Scamander, Professor McGonagall, The Grey Lady, Rowena Ravenclaw, Severus Snape, and Scorpius Malfoy

Yes, I know, I have a lot.


Favorite Harry Potter Books:

Sorcerer's Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Order of the Phoenix

I just can't choose!


Least Favorite Character:

James Potter

Yes, I know, most people absolutely LOVE him, but I don't.


Favorite Magical Creatures:

Kneazle, Mooncalf, Occamy, Jobberknoll, Thunderbird


Favorite Spell:

Expecto Patronum


Favorite Horcrux:

Diadem of Ravenclaw


Favorite Hallow:

Resurrection Stone


Adjectives That Describe Me:

Logical, Discerning, Cautious, Intelligent, Witty






Cats, Books, Nature, Animals, the Night Sky, Learning, Ravenclaw, and Harry Potter



Bullies, Bad Language, Unproper Grammar, Romance, Rule Breaking, Textspeak, Excessive sunlight & heat, and Voldemort being prenounced with the hard 't'


Favored Genre:

Fantasy & Magic


Favorite Season of the Year:



Preferred Weather:

Overcast, Rainy, Foggy, Windy





The Sorting Hat said this about me: "Hmm, clearly Ravenclaw, with a hint of Slytherin. RAVENCLAW!"



I am a distant descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw thyrough my Mother's side, of which I am very proud. I am the son of Keith Trelawney and Indigo Aoth. Through my father, Keith Trelawney, I am distantly, distantly related to Sybill Trelawney. And no, I do not have any Seer abilities. My mother, Indigo Aoth, is a (not direct) descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw. 


When I got to Hogwarts, I was disappointed that Care of Magical Creatures wasn't available to 1st years. When I finally got to take Care of Magical Creatures, it became my best and favorite subject, as well as Charms.

While at Hogwarts I love to ride on a winged horse, skimming over the lake and forest. I also love to explore the mountains and hills near Hogwarts.

I am a partial Legilimens. I cannot read people's thoughts and memories, but I can tell if people are lying. A talent I only recently discovered.

I have one cat, an orange and white fluffy tabby, who usually sleeps on my bed in the Ravenclaw Boy's Dormitory as well as an owl. I love cats and books.


My favorite Muggle books are:

Harry Potter (obviously), by J.K. Rowling

Warriors, by Erin Hunter

Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan

Wings of Fire, by Tui T. Sutherland

How to Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell

Explorer Academy, by Trudi Trueit

The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini

The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer

Enola Holmes, by Nancy Springer

The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson

The Wizards of Once, by Cressida Cowell

Various Star Wars Novels


"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."

-The Cheshire Cat


My favorite Magical books are Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, and The Monster Book of Monsters.

I'm a true Ravenclaw and am very proud of my House. I support S.P.E.W.

Some of my favorite Muggle movies and shows are Star Wars (all of them), Enola Holmes, Fantastic Beasts, Crimes of Grindelwald, Brave, Frozen II, How to Train Your Dragon (all 3), Peter Rabbit, Tangled, BBC's Merlin, and Beauty and the Beast (live action).

I am a VERY LOYAL AND DEVOTED Harry Potter fan.



Other Fandom Profiles

(I'm sorry, yes, yes, I know this is a Harry Potter website)



Warrior Cats

Name: Berrymist

Clan: RiverClan

Position: Medicine Cat

Pelt: Grey and White

Eye color: Blue

Favorite Characteres: Shadowsight, Mothwing, Bluestar, Jayfeather, Leafpool, Crowfeather


Wings of Fire

Name: Dolphin

Tribe: SeaWing/NightWing

Animus? No

Winglet: Silver Winglet

Likes: Scrolls

Favorite Characters: Turtle, Starflight, Tsunami, Blue, Glory, Thorn, Deathbringer, Fathom


Star Wars

Name: Ocian Marinis (this name is old, but I haven't got  a new one)

Jedi? Yes

Species: Human

Rank: Padawan

Lightsaber color: Blue

Favorite Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Amilyn Holdo, Reath Silas, C-3PO, Aayla Secura, K2-S0, Jora Malli, Leia Organa, Ezra Bridger, Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn), Sabine Wren, Padme Amidala


Percy Jackson

Godly Parent: Athena

Favorite Character: Annabeth


How to Train Your Dragon (Movies and Shows)

Dragon: Deadly Nadder

Favorite Character: Hiccup


The Inheritance Cycle

Species: Human

Favorite Characters: Angela, Solembum, Nasuada, Murtagh




Some of my favorite Harry Potter quotes:

"Wit beyond measure is our greatest treasure." -Rowena Ravenclaw

"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhasutible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it." -Albus Dumbledore

"We've all got light and dark inside us. What matters most is the part we choose to act on. That's who we truly are." -Sirius Black

"Always." -Severus Snape

"Ah, well, people can be a bit stupid abou' their pets." -Hagrid

"Because that's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library!" -Ron Weasley






-No nonsense or gibberish on my wall, please.

-You may post greetings, but I may delete them after.

-No swear words or advertising.

-No romance, arguing, or insults.

-Do not post things that refer to Muggle Borns as 'Mudbloods'.

-Please do not re-post things that you found on other walls.

-Please always be respectful to other commenters and posters.

-Keep things fun and friendly.


If these rules are not followed, I will take a course of action, ranging from deleting the post, to blocking you, to reporting you to a Professor, though I sincerely hope I will not have to do that.


Please do not take offense if I do not follow you back. I am very cautious with following people.

Please do not take offense if I do not join a group or dormitory.


I encourage you to do the following:

-Read a book

-Spend less time on screens

-Respect animals

-Be outside more


WARNING I am a Ravenclaw, and as such I am quirky, eccentric, and love to debate topics in the Harry Potter universe. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 




Hogwarts is Here Friends:

Adhara Sinistra-Weasley


Janus Titlark

Julia Delacour

Lizzie Scamander

Moodys Best Ferret

Kennedy Grey


Lucy Ann Lovegood

Mallory Lupin

Morgana Blaze



Adhara Sinistra-Weasley

A true Ravenclaw. Always willing to take and give advice.



A quirky Ravenclaw. Always willing to obsess over Warrior Cats, Wings of Fire, and Harry Potter.


Janus Titlark

Not Active Anymore


Julia Delacour

A fun Gryffleclawerin. A fellow Author and always willing to talk about Star Wars.


Lizzie Scamander

A Hufflepuff through and through. Always bringing up insightful views on Harry Potter.


Moodys Best Ferret

A fellow Ravenclaw who is excellent at giving feedback on writing.


Kennedy Grey

A true Ravenclaw. We share the same Patronus!



A courageous Gryffindor. Always willing to chat about all things Potter.


Lucy Ann Lovegood

A true Ravenclaw. Always thinking creatively.


Mallory Lupin

A true Hufflepuff. A new aquaintance.



Note: If you wish to call me by a nickname, please ask me first. Thanks. No one who is not a Hih friend of mine may not call me by any nickname whatsoever.



"I'm not crazy. My reality is just different than yours."

-The Cheshire Cat

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