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hi. i like books. that is all you need to know <3

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<summary>Basic Information</summary>

Name: Kitty Brooks

Age: Um… no

Gender: Genderfluid

Sexuality: Bisexual

House: Ravenclaw (if it’s not already obvious)

<summary>A VERY long Story of my LIFE</summary>
(Younger Student) My name is Katherine Lucille Brooks, but my few friends call me Kitty. I'm a half-blood and Father works for the ministry. I had known since I was 8 that I was to go to Hogwarts when I was old enough. my two sisters, Dulcima (Dulce) (who is in her 4th year at Hogwarts.), constantly regaled me and my twin, Paige with (most likely very exaggerated) tales of her adventures and misadventures. She sometimes played pranks on us or blamed us when some weird stuff happened around the house (but that never worked). I mean, I know regular pencils couldn’t write in all the colours of the rainbow, but I thought that maybe they had a multi-coloured lead or something. I'm very interested in charms, transfiguration, Arithmancy, History of magic, Flying, and DADA. Okay, I'm interested in everything except divination. that sounds very fake and overly theatrical, not to offend anyone who likes it. I would tell you what Paige likes, but she just said lunch. I consider myself and my siblings to be fairly (okay fine, very) intelligent and am so, so pleased that I am in Ravenclaw, and we are very happy that we will still have lessons with Paige, who was sorted into Hufflepuff. I suppose that the choice was obvious. She is so kind and lovely to everyone it's no wonder. I love being magical and would love to be an animagus when I am older. my favorite part of Diagon Alley was Flourish and Blotts, Olivanders, the... umm... Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and... magical menagerie where I got my cat from. She's called Tabitha and is a black kitten. I'll steal Dulce's owl Omega when I need to send letters. I worry that I will be thoroughly disliked, just like at my muggle primary school. of course, I've read all the course work for the next two years, thanks to my sister, and am getting fairly good at most of the subjects. that is all I have to say, so now I suppose I'll go and rescue Tab, Esther (Paige's barn owl), and Omega from those other second years because, OF COURSE, I have to be the organized, responsible one EVEN THOUGH, I'm the youngest, and go and get a compartment with my sisters and read Hogwarts A History. again. for the three thousandths, nine hundred and seventy-second time... -Kitty x

Thanks for reading i guess

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