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My name is Kiva Rowena Gwen. I was the only child of Eve and Jasper Gwen. My mother was a Pureblood witch; a very distant relative of Rowena Ravenclaw (hence my middle name). My father was Muggle born and moved from America to join the Ministry of Magic to assist in International dealings of some sort. When I was a child, my mother talked about her time at Hogwarts with so much fondness, that I was eager to reach my 11th birthday so I could begin my own adventure in the Hogwarts halls. However, I was about 6 when the Second Wizarding War began. At first, my parents were uncertain about the return of the Dark Lord, but by the time the Daily Prophet were publishing their propaganda and the false accusations toward Albus Dumbledore, they knew something wasn't right. In 1996, my mother decided that it might be best for me to be sent away to live with some of my Muggle family in America. This is when I began to lose hope of ever going to Hogwarts. My mother and father sent me to live with my father's parents. Though my grandparents were Muggles, they were welcoming and always showed interest and tolerance toward the Wizarding World. However, they were ignorant when it came to an any sort of magic. Although I showed signs of natural magic at a young age, I was advised against purposefully using magic, as I was in hiding. My family thought it would be safest to disguise myself as a Muggle. My mother, especially, thought that being away from the Wizarding World would keep me safe from the Dark Lord. While I was in America, with my grandparents, my parents returned home to assist in any way they could with the Order of the Phoenix. My father, who worked for the Ministry, was murdered. My mother died, not too long after. Both did their best to help others during the War and I am quite proud of both of them. However, their deaths solidified that I would have no formal magical training as I grew up. My grandparents feared for my life during the War, and even after, when friends traveled to give us updates on the victories and changes in the Wizarding War, my grandparents begged for a way to bind my magical abilities or to stop any abilities that might form. No one had answers for them, but it didn't matter because I would never be able to advance the simple abilities I had. As time passed, we heard less and less from my parent's friends. I grew up going to Muggle public schools, and later college. It almost felt like a dream, or a past life. I could barely remember flying brooms, or pictures moving, or so many wizarding norms. I was consumed by all things Muggle until that was all I knew. Although I had friends and family in the Muggle world, I always felt just slightly...different. Like I didn't fully fit in. I had to keep silent about my interest in magic. I couldn't discuss the connection I felt to the Earth and what magic it held, that so few around me knew about. I held in my magic and made sure that no one around me knew, because they wouldn't accept it. Until now. Until I received the news that Hogwarts was within my reach. I could finally take the classes my mother took. I could discuss my wizarding heritage. I could be the true me. And here I am... finally at Hogwarts.

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