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Hello my name is Aurelia Walters. I'm currently a third year here at hogwarts. Honestly coming to this school has probably been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I remember when i got my letter. I was staying with my grandparents for the summer. They are muggles they don't really want to know about the wizarding world much they are very christian but they are very kind people so when my letter arrived during dinner at our cabin i was ecstatic. they knew what this meant to me so they were happy for me. I honestly thought i wasn't going to get a letter. i was worried i was like my father non magical i never made anything fly or had done anything innately magical before not like when my sister got her letter she could do so many cool things all I'd do is bake and they always seemed to make people happy but that's not magic that's just food. My mother always told me not to worry she said "i know your magical because when you were born the filled with scent of honey and clove and the light came down and seemed to dance like fairies around you." I always thought she made it up to make me feel better but after my letter came i actually believed her. When I arrived at hogwarts i was petrified. I wasn't as scared as i could have been because at the time my sister was attending her 5th year so she directed me on where i should go. i always had a hard time thinking what house i could be in but before the sorting hat ever touched my head it bellowed out "HUFFLEPUFF" which at the time slightly disappointed me. I had wanted to follow my sister and be ravenclaw. i discovered quickly that nearly all but two classes were very difficult for me. For some reason I seemed to excel immensely in potions and herbology but other than those i could only perform rudimentary magic basic fire starting spells slight levitation etc. Even though i wasn't excelling in most of my courses i stilled thrived over one thing; my baking. during my first year I crafted a small kiln behind the stables near hagrid's hut. On day during my second year i was working on crafting a berry tart when I heard a chuckle behind me which i turned to see a boy leaning against the stables smirking. At the time it scared the sugar snaps right out of me. That's how I met my best friend a (at the time) 3rd year slytherin boy. Apparently he had smelt the tart I was making and when he followed the smell only to find a small second year with a bag full of baking supplies working on a makeshift table, a clay kiln clearly made from scratch, and an oblivious kid with flour on her face with a smile like she had won the lottery. After a hasty explanation shared tart, and about 15 minutes of talking. He walked me to the castle and showed me something i'll never forget... the key to the hogwarts kitchen. At first I thought he was teasing me when he said, "tickle the pear" when we approached a large fruit bowl painting after some convincing i did and my new home opened up to me. I ended up befriending the kitchen house elves and nearly every evening after my courses id sneak into the kitchn and wed bake up into the wee hours of the night. which I'm ashamed to admit i have gotten caught once or twice.... or five time sneaking my way back to the common room which may have had house points redacted due to me being out of bed after hours. But im a third year now ive gotten better at sneaking. I honestly can be found most of the time talking to my bff who is now a 4th year walking the halls and telling him about the night i had before.
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