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My Backstory
My parents are Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy and my mom is Rose Weasley. I am a pure blood and grew up with a wealthy lifestyle. I learned the ways of good and bad and learned not to listen to blood purity. I always follow my heart. Oh! I have not introduced myself. Hi, I am Arianna Malfoy I am and have long brownish white blonde hair.I have grey eyes and resemble my father more than my mother. Even though I grew up with a wealthy lifestyle I am not spoiled. I learned to follow my gut and it sometimes got me in trouble. I have 3 more siblings Maddox, Parker,and Sebastian. I am the youngest out of all my siblings. Maddox is the oldest in his 5th year and was sorted into Slytherin. Parker was sorted into Ravenclaw and is in his 3rd year. Sebastian was sorted into Hufflepuff and is in his second year. I am in my first year and I was sorted into Gryfindorr! But, I do have a dark side. My whole family does.