Joshua Smith (Joss)

Future Magical Creature Expert

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 17 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


~~Oc's~~ Joshua Smith
Personality- creative, savvy, perhaps a little too harsh, intrepid
Blood purity- Pure Blood
Family- Elise Smith (maternal grandmother), Leonard Finley (maternal grandfather), Goldie (maternal aunt), Pam Davies (paternal grandmother), Leon Bullock (paternal grandfather), Mario (paternal uncle), Bradley (uncle through marriage), Rasim (paternal uncle), Virgil (paternal uncle), Todd (paternal uncle), Deshane (paternal uncle), Marcus (paternal uncle), Rosetta Smith (mum), Jeffery Bullock (father)
Age- 11 years
Patronus- Fox Terrier
Boggart- an empty field
Gender- scorigender
Sexuality- pan
Relationship status- Kinda talking
Roles- peer, friend, grandson, nephew, son, student
Abilities- cooking, dueling, reading, journaling, playing Beater in Quidditch, speaking Italian
Looks- grey, almond-shaped eyes; glasses; lean face; straight nose; full lips; very short, curly, white hair which is styled with a crew cut; pierced right nostril; long neck; slanted shoulders; narrow torso; angular hips; large feet; 4’10”
Pets- 2 Month old Appaloosa horse named Paloma, 20 Year old Arabian horse named Theodorable
Nickname- Joss
Other- I’m athletic. This is to be expected from a future-Dragonologist.

I was born into a loving family in a developing town. I lived without worry until I was 11 years old, but at that point life changed. I had my first encounter with a dragon. A big creature collector brought one to Diagon Alley to raise money for his private zoo. The creature looked starved and wounded. I was shocked that behavior like this was allowed.

I've decided to become an activist for dragons. With the support of great friends, I want to become part of the dragon rights movement in a fast changing world. There's nothing to stop me from helping the most dangerous and magical of creatures in the world, wizarding or otherwise. I could quickly become an ally you'll want by your side.

I am currently learning how to reach full potential. There's more people to meet in this world. Hopefully I'll meet more great friends to support me.

~~~~ Clodmanda Vinson
Personality- dark, brooding, secretive
Blood purity- Muggle
Family- Louisa Vinson (maternal grandmother), De-Angelo Fields (maternal grandfather), Tamika (maternal aunt), Isabel (maternal aunt), Adriana (maternal aunt), Lillie (maternal aunt), Claire (maternal aunt), Leanne (maternal aunt), Janis (maternal aunt), Clarice (maternal cousin), Stefanie (maternal cousin), Kiaya (maternal cousin), Jewell Powers (paternal grandmother), Ryan Brady (paternal grandfather), Queen (paternal aunt), Freida (paternal aunt), Alyssa (paternal aunt), Brittney (paternal aunt), Veronica (paternal aunt), Ross (paternal cousin), Kayden (paternal cousin), Corey (paternal cousin), Raymone (paternal cousin), Da-Jon (paternal cousin), Jermain (paternal cousin), Cory (paternal cousin), Edward (paternal cousin), Larry (paternal cousin), Denzel (paternal cousin), Margery (paternal cousin), Jodi (paternal cousin), Eduardo (paternal cousin), Don (paternal cousin), Allen (paternal cousin), Edna (paternal cousin), Rondall (paternal cousin), Margie (paternal cousin), Carly Vinson (mum), Kenyata Powers-Brady (dad), Dave (brother), Lacy (niece), Corinne (niece), Whoopi (niece), Laurie (niece)
Age- 23 years
Greatest fear- a family
Gender- woman
Sexuality- lesbian
Relationship status- single
Roles- assassin
Abilities- combat, acrobatics, thievery
Looks- tanned skin; long, loose reddish hair
Pets- 15 year old short-tailed chinchilla named Peak, 7 year old Black sable ferret named Hurtle
Real Name- Melusine Delphine Vinson
Nickname- Manda
Realm- 3
Other- I don’t share about my backstory

~~~~Cuthbert Kevin Guerra-Bowman
Personality- competitive, unflappable
Blood purity- Half-blood
Family- Louise Bowman (mum), Gabriel Guerra (father), Matthew (brother), Romone (brother), Harold (brother), Duchess (sister), Claudine (niece)
Age- 17 years
Boggart- a mutilated child
Gender- cis-boy
Sexuality- straight
Relationship status- single
Roles- student, opponent, son, brother, uncle
Abilities- spellcasting
Looks- trim build, tanned skin, short brown hair
Pets- a 10 month of miniature horse named Neriffe, a 34 year old Quarter Horse named Deuce
Real Name- Milan Zlatko Květoslav Daveth Guerra-Bowman
Nickname- Bert
Other- I’ve seen and done unspeakable things and associated with powers that make ordinary life pale by comparison. Now, I’m an impressive student.
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