Lilith Morningstar


Lilith Morningstar. A girl with a heart of gold but a look of ice.

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People always mentioned that their teen years were the easiest but did I believe? Nope, because it’s not true. Hi I’m a griffindor who comes from a longline of purebloods - The Morningstars - and it’s incredibly interesting to be the only gryffindor in the family, the mischief maker to be exact. My favorite classes at school are DaDa, herbology, Potions, and Charms. I can’t write good essays but I always turn them in , even if they suck. If anyone ever wants to find me, you can find me marauding around the school. ~ Lilith Morningstar

Appearance: long Jet black hair, Dark brown eyes, pale, 5’5, slightly curvy. Always in oversized shirts and black skinny jeans. Black platform docs.
Patronus: Sparrow
Attitude: kind of rude at first but is very nice once you know her.
Likes: Sparrows and school
Dislikes: Pureblood supremacy
Lives: Morningstar Manor
Blood: Pureblood

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