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All about me

Name: Elizabeth Black

House: Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Half-Blood (Muggle mother, and Pureblood, Wizard father)


• Liz (My close friends only! Please ask)

 • Lizzie (Hermionie Black) 

• Lizzy (Daisy Weasley/Rikki Malfoy-Potter) 

• Eliza (To all of those Hamilton fans out there! Ask first!) 

• E (Ask!) 

• Liza (Elizabeth Malfoy and anyone else who asks!) 

• Ellie (Alexandra Thistle only) 

• Elsie (Daisy Fire and anyone who asks!)

• Elle (Aesha only!) 

• Izzy (Ask!) 

• Elizi (Max only!) 

• Eli (Matilda and anyone else who is following me!) 

• Elzy (Aloha) 

• Anything else you can come up with as long as you ask (and I approve of course!) 

Wand: Cherry wood; 13 1/4 inches; unicorn tail hair core; quite bendy flexibility (click)

Patronus: Stallion 

Year: 2nd year 

Birthday: June 5th

Bogart: Causing my own death 

Amortentia: Freshly Mowed Grass, New Books, Lemon, Fresh Tar. 

Parents: Sirius Black and Muggle Mother who I have never known, named Sara! 

Career Goals: I hope to pass my O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S with five at least, and become an auror!

Favorite Magical Item: Time Turner 

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Severus Snape

Favorite Harry Potter Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Favorite Harry Potter Ship: Jily (James and Lily) all the way! <33 

Likes: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hamilton, Reading, Writing, Acting, Swimming, Biking, One Direction (my biggest obsession), and hanging out with my friends!

Dislikes: Rude people, yogurt, bananas, cottage cheese, people jumping to conclusions, slackers, racist, homophobic and sexist people, people not Treating People with Kindness.



Family: My family has always been different. My father was an outlaw until he died, and my mother left my family right after I was born. All I know about her is that she is a Muggle who had red hair and dreamy blue eyes. I grew up with my father 2 years before he went into Azkaban, and when he did, I went into the care of my Muggle grandparents. Since I forgot all memories of my father, I never went back to him even when he got out of Azkaban. I received a letter of his death shortly after my Hogwarts letter arrived. 

How my Parents Met: Everyone knows how Sirius is famous for his flying motorcycle, right? Well when he went in to buy his motorcycle, he met a pretty, young, Muggle woman also looking for a motorbike. They went on a date and hit off from there. Two years later they were happily married. Then a year after their marriage they had me. My mom leaving: When I was born, my dad felt he could no longer keep the fact that he was a Muggle secret. He left my mother a note and went off to camp with his friend James (yes, James Potter). When he returned 3 days later, he found a note with my mom’s handwriting on it. She had left him, she had left us. He was so devastated but told no one he didn’t have to. Lily and James, Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew are the only people who knew. 

Growing up: I grew up with my grandparents as you know. I found my love of reading and writing when I started Kindergarten. When I was 6, I started soccer (a Muggle sport) and fell in love once again. Then 3 years ago, I started playing the violin. Love at first sight. Then, I got into magic. People thought I was crazy, but I just couldn’t bury that love. This is when my letter came. Getting the letter: My grandparents, knew nothing of Magic until I got my letter from Hogwarts 1 year ago. I went to a Muggle elementary school and was excited to start middle school with my friends. When I got my letter, I was overjoyed! But there was the part of me that was hesitant to go. I would be away from all of my friends as well as the only guardians I ever knew. In the end, I decided to come! 

Finding out about my Father: It was a week after I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I got a similar letter, but the return address was The Ministry Of Magic. I panicked thinking I had already done something wrong. When I opened it, I was confused. But then it all started coming back. The few memories I had of him, going with my grandparents, my mother's picture. It took me a while to accept the fact that I even had parents in this world. That was for everyone else, I had grandparents. But then I just soaked it all in. I still to this day wish I had known him. 

Getting my wand: Going to Diagon Alley was fun! My wand was bought at none other than Ollivander's. It took 5 tries for me to get my wand now (look above for its information). Mr. Olivander said that I needed a longer one to hold all my Wizarding abilities. He also said that the bendy flexibility would suit me the best. Overall, I am very happy with my wand, and it hasn’t failed me once! 

Getting on the train/Saying Goodbye: The day came quicker than I ever could have prepared for. I told my friends about a “boarding school that will suit my gifted academics better”. I packed up my room with the things I wanted to bring to Hogwarts and spent as much time with my grandparents as I could. We got into Platform 9 3/4 without a hitch (I was rather hoping for one so I could have more time to prepare mentally), and then it was time. I hugged my grandparents for the longest time, before Hopping on onto the train, I found a compartment with one person and sat down realizing that there were tears streaming down my face. But then I smiled! this was it, I was off to Hogwarts! 

Arriving/ My First Thoughts: I had changed into my robes, as the train pulled into the Hogsmeade station. I got off and followed the glow of the lantern to the boats. When I first glimpsed Hogwarts, my breath was taken away. It was an experience I will never forget. An experience I can’t put into words, all I can say was that it is so far, the best experience of my life. It took my breath away. I was in awe!

Getting Sorted: I was a nervous wreck standing in the classroom waiting to be taken out in front of the school. I had polished my glasses so much they were shiny, brushed my hair until it was flat and sleek. I had picked all the loose threads off my robes and had shined my shoes. I had just run out of things to fix when I was ushered on the stage. I came pretty quickly since my name started with B and the second letter was A. I was the 4th person to be called. The hat touched my head and this is what it said. 

What the Hat Said: Hmm. You are a hard one. Hardworking yet so very loyal. You have a lot of brains, but a bigger heart. You’re a tricky one! but you better be in... HUFFLEPUFF!



These are the 3 things of my fathers I ever got, all of them letters. His prized possessions. Read them carefully and enjoy!


From Sirius to my Mother: 

Dearest Sara,

Before I go, there is something I need to tell you. I regret to say that I have been hiding this in all of our years of knowing each other. There is no easy way to say this, and I fear this will change our relationship forever. All I can do is pray that you will take this well, and I will return and nothing will have changed. Remember Sara, I love you with all my heart and always will. Nothing that will happen can change that. I hope that this is the case with you. I am a wizard. I can do magic, and can turn into an animal- a big black dog- I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My buddies James, Remus, and Peter are as well, as well as James' wife Lily you get along with so well. I am hoping that this will not change anything in our relationship. Remember, I love you, Sara. I always have and always will. And think of Elizabeth. Before you make any decisions think of Elizabeth.

Love always, 



Letter from my mother to Sirius: 


I have tried to accept this, again and again. I have thought about our daughter, our relationship, and our love. I have thought and decided. Goodbye, my love. I hope for forever happiness for you and little Elizabeth. I am forever thankful for the fact that you told me. I am very angry though, my dear Sirius, for the fact that you didn’t tell me. I hope that you have thought about what I said before you realize what you have done. You have ruined my life. I am so very angry and so very sorry. I hope one day you will understand and forgive me.



Letter from Sirius to Me: 

Elizabeth my dear, 

I know you don’t know me, but I am your father. I want you to know that I love you very much, and am sorry that I ever let you go. I was falsely accused of murder and have been sent to jail. I will die here. I am sorry you never go to know me. Enclosed are my prized possessions, two letters, though they bring no joy, only sadness. I hope one day, you will see that what has happened is best. It is for the best that your mother left us. It is for the best that you are raised by your mother's parents instead of by me, a depressed outlaw. And it is for the best that I will never know you. I will not ever forget you little Elizabeth. And I know you will only get this when I die. I hope you get it and take it well. Love always,

Your Father,

Sirius Black


What my Friends Think about Me!

Hermione Black: Lizzy is a great friend. She's so sweet and kind and will help you out with whatever you need. I'm really lucky to have a friend like her! She cares about everything, from people to house-elves. Did you know she's the President of S.P.E.W? Well, she is! She loves helping people, and if you ever need to talk to someone about anything Lizzy's perfect! -Your Friend, Mione Black 


Daisy Weasley: Elizabeth is such a good friend... I mean SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. She helped me find my overall grade in all my classes, and she is online a lot, lol. She's just really nice and is a great study buddy! 


Alexandria Thistle: Ellie is one of my best friends on HiH. She is the founder of S.P.E.W. and a great writer! She is also SO nice, and an amazing person to roleplay with. If you EVER need a friend to talk to, Elizabeth is perfect!!! She's a true Hufflepuff!! 


Milly Moody: Elizabeth is a very friendly and kind person. She is a good writer, and she is funny. I mean, she is an amazing person!! 


Cappuccino Rainbow: Heyyy! So Elizabeth is such a super smart person that you'll think she is a Ravenclaw! (In fact, she even told me that she is a nerd XD) I love that she is super kind to everyone. In fact, she even applies this to S.P.E.W, which she is the president of! She is just an extraordinary person! <3


Grades (Fancy a Peek?)


Grades: Year One

ASTR 101 - E (84)

CHRM 101 - O (90)

DADA 101 -O(90)

HERB 101 - E (89)

HoM 101 - E(80)

TFNG 101 - O (97) 

PTN 101 - E (88) 


Grades: Year Two

ASTR 201 - In Progress (O) 

COMC 201 - Not Started (NA) 

CHRM 201 - E (86) 

DADA 201 - Not started (NA) 

DIV 201 - In Progress (O) 

HERB 201 - In Progress (O) 

HoM 201 - In Progress (O) 

TFNG 201 - Not Started (NA) 

PTN 201 - Not Started (NA) 


Grades: Year Three

MUST 301 - In Progress (O) 


Favorite Class: Transfiguration or Muggle Studies

Least Favorite Class: Astronomy


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