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Shae grew up in an orphanage in Austria since her mother gave her to them. Her mother was too young for a child and wanted to pursue her career as an auror and not care for a child.
Shae was in a few foster care families but all of them brought her back to the orphanage because she was too difficult for them.
In the orphanage the nurses handled Shae with distance and no feelings. When ever Shae would mentioned how she felt and what she thought she got put down and where told that her feelings were wrong. The nurses also laughed about her feelings and called it nonsense.
Shae quickly stopped talking about her feelings and thoughts and kept them to herself in order to not get laughed. The nurses also always told her what was wrong with her and that she should lose weight because if she was fat nobody would adopt her.
The behaviour towards Shae from the nurses and never knowing her parents resulted in an eating disorder and a borderline personality disorder.
One day, around 14, Shae had enough and started to harm herself with what she could find and had a long time spent in hospitals and psychiatry wards. She never really opened up to anyone.
Till one day a nice couple came in and wanted to adopt someone who the nurses thought needed help. The nurses introduced a lot of children but never Shae because they knew she was difficult and not worth anything.
Most of the time when people came in Shae sat in the sleeping room and just sat on her bed. She knew she would never get adopted at all. She was too complicated, not normal.
One day a guy came in and looked at her. She just sat there and looked at the wall. He then left and a few minutes after the nurses told her that she was getting adopted.
Shae couldn’t belive it and packed her stuff. Wasn’t much.
Since that day she lived with the Cullens in London.

She also started to search for her biological parents but she couldn't find anything really. THe only thing she found was that both her parents were wizards which makes her a pure blood.

She loves the Norse Mythology and can write fluet in runes.
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