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I come from a pureblood family who thinks that blood status is very important and that i should only be friends with purebloods. This was like this my whole life until i received my Hogwarts letter. This was a chance for me to make my own friends regardless of their blood status. So ever since i came to this wonderful school i have made many half-blood and muggle-born friends something that my parents do not know of. I am a very kind person but also a little bit sarcastic. I love all kinds of magical creature like dragons, thestrals, hippogriffs and phoenix. They have always fascinated me when i was little and now that i am at Hogwarts i am very much looking forwards to Care Of Magical Creatures class. I also have an owl. Her name is Snowflake. My parents originally wanted me to have a pet cat but i managed to get them to agree on getting Snowflake. Did i mention that i also have a sister she's a Slytherin and i am a Gryffindor my parents also were not happy when they found out what house i had been sorted in. Since both of them were Slytherin when they attended Hogwarts they did not like the fact that there daughter is a Gryffindor. Let's just say my relationship with my parents isn't the best. I'm always up to no good at Hogwarts and i sometimes land myself in some pretty sticky situations. Hogwarts is more of a home than my actual house because in Hogwarts i am not defined by my blood status witch i am really thankfull for.

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