Jess Lunneta

Mature Student

I am a bubbly Ravenclaw. In my free time, I read, play guitar, paint, & make crafts.

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  • Canada


Nobody ever said it would be easy to be a Ravenclaw but here I am. I am a distance education student from Canada. I wanted to study magic with the best so naturally, this was a great choice. Both my parents are no-majs/ Muggles. Magical creatures are amazing and classes involving them I excel at.

How I got here:
I know most people get their Hogwarts Letters as children. However, being raised by 2 no-majs they kept me away from magic. Even after my letter came as a child, they burned it & wanted me to have no part of the wizarding world. It's a shame because I would have been at Hogwarts during Harry Potters day, I would have loved to meet him there. Anyways, turns out if your note a chosen 1 Hogwarts doesn't flood your home with owls & letters, they give up after a while. So I grew up a no-maj, always being a little offbeat, not quite fitting in but, not really sure why.

I figured out I was a witch much later in life. I went into this neat little shop in Toronto, Canada because it looked cool. The store called "Curiosa" is listed as Purveyors of Extraordinary Things. Therefore, muggles (or as we say here in North America no-majs), they think it is just a store for items and trinkets of legends, mythological and imaginary concepts and tales. However, if you are a wizard they have a “special selection” just for wizards and witches. Well, turns out they knew more about me than I did & could tell I belonged in the wizarding world. They showed me wands, books, potions and other things a wizard or witch may need. I finally felt like I belonged! They helped me navigate the wizarding world to start, gave me lots of books to check up on & taught me a few basic spells and charms. However, they claimed I needed more information and skills than they can teach me.

Luckily, one of the owners had connections within Hogwarts. They sent an owl & explain my odd situation. The Headmistress of Hogwarts was very kind and allowed me to get an education at Hogwarts with the exception that I do so as a distance education student, as it would be weird for me and current younger students. It would be awkward for me in my 30's to sit in on classes for much younger witches and wizards.

I have been to the castle a few times though. My first time was to try on the sorting hat in an orientation-like a meeting. As I stated I am Ravenclaw & while I am much older I have become pen pals with a few students, they keep me up to date with the house gossip. I have also been present for some quidditch matches. I am pretty sure most students just think I am alumni Ravenclaw who has stayed loyal to my house & the game.

I love the classes & don't mind that I am a distance education student. It allows me to continue parts of my no-maj life. I have a no-maj boyfriend and a no-maj job that I love a lot. But, I get the chance to learn more about the wizarding world too. If my future children are witches or wizards. I definitely will not hide this from them. however, I may send them to Ilvermorny in the USA, as it is only 9 or so hours from Toronto.

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