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Full name: Elena Norinda Danvers Personality: Unintentionally mischievous, shy, loveable once you get to know me Sexuality: Bisexual

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I was brought up in a muggle family. I believed I was ordinary until I received a letter. It was not my Hogwarts letter no that came later. I was eight years old when I recieved this letter. After reading it I immediately took it to my parents to see if they could shed some light on it. You see, the letter said I had been adopted out for my safety. Left with a muggle family so the death eaters would not find me. Of course for some strange reasons I could not find my parents. I scoured the entire house. No luck whatsoever. Then came the knock at the door. Reluctantly I answered it to find a well to do lady shaking off an umbrella and standing further under the porch closer to the door as to not get wet. She told me she was my aunt, biological aunt and she had been sent by my biological parents to come get me to return me to them. She asked to speak to the people who had raised me. I told her I didn't know where they were. She grew suspicious and told me to hide in her bag. I had no clue what she was talking about. Anyway long story short. I reluctantly got in the bag which was alot bigger on the inside. A fight broke out between her and some death eater. They lost once it was safe she got me out of her bag and told me to pack my things. I did then we left. The journey was blurry. I swear we travelled on a broom but I'm not sure. My biological parents turned out to be well to do people as well. Been living with them since. Got my letter for Hogwarts when I was eleven. My power still surprises me to this day. As well as being able to cast standard spells someone said I was a mimic meaning I can mimic the powers of anyone around me. One at a time of course but apparently I'll be able to do more and remember what I mimicked before at some point. According to my professors people with my sort of power when I turned eleven had only just been allowed back at Hogwarts. Plus apparently I am the first one to ever get into Gryffindor. Those with my power that attended Hogwarts way back when apparently were only ever in Slytherin. My bio mother said having a child born into a family that has not seen this power for many generations is apparently a million to one chance. I was adopted out for my safety from the death eaters working for you know who because as my bio mother said my power would have been useful to them apparently it evolves into more so I must learn to control it. Bio mum says people with this sort of power are more likely to be seduced to the side of evil. So I must keep on the side of good and not give into the darkness. Rebelling has historically been noted as a gateway darkness for kids like me. So according to all the adults in my life even sneaking out to a party could inherently be the start of me turning evil. Yay! Fun not right now I am concentrating on my studies and fitting in. Kids with my kind of power aren't widely accepted. In fact I think I am the only one in this entire school. If there are others they are hiding very well and I need to learn how. I get alot of stick because my bio father loves to brag about the fact we are supposedly distantly related to the Potters whenever I get into trouble. Yes you know the Potters. Harry Potter the boy who lived. James and Lily Potter murdered by you know who yeah them. Of course I haven't found anything to support this but the teachers seems to believe my bio dad. I have minor punishments where I should have more severe ones it makes no sense. Harry is all grown up now and has kids even if he was related to us even distantly I really don't think he's that bothered about finding out. I mean why would he? he's got the girl and the kids. Pretty sweet set up if you ask me. I often wonder how I fit into my family, the bio one though. I have jet black hair darker than the night's sky or a raven's eyes. But my bio mother, father and goody to shoes older sister have blonde hair. Almost white even. They remind me of a family that been mentioned alot. The father was a death eater. The Malfoys I think they were called. But mine were the Danvers not the Malfoys. Think it was just the hair that looked similar. I hope we're not distantly related to them too. I asked my bio parents why my hair is darker and my skin is paler they have yet to answer. I have a lot of interest in magical creatures I find them fascinating. I do love defense against the dark arts. I think I may want to be an Auror one day. But I don't know we shall see.

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