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Character Information
Name: Tyria Amaryss
Status: Muggle-born
House: Gryffindor
Likes: Drawing, singing, dancing, acting, Percy Jackson
Wand: Blackthorn wood, dragon hearthstring core, 12 inches, quite bendy
Pet: Niffler
Parents: Mystery, all I know is they're Muggles.
Hobbies: Baking, reading, learning
Siblings: 1
Classes Enrolled In: Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Ancient Studies
Favorite Part About HIH: Library

ANCR 201
ANST 301
ASTR 101
CHRM 101
HERB 101
HOM 101
TNFG 101

Keep it strictly PG here. I may be 17, but that doesn't mean other users are. If I see anything above here, I will remove it and block you.

Best Friends: Rey Granger, Hadley Cooper, Ellie Smith, Coco Potter, Eve-Ana Annabeth Granger


When I first got my Hogwarts letter, I didn't know what it was. But when I came here, I realized what magic is. It's well, magical. I want to be an Auror and at HIH I want to be a Charms PA or even the Head Girl. We all have goals.

My OCs
Name: Addison Reynolds
Status: Halfblood
Relations: none
House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Thing To Do: sing
Least Favorite Thing To Do: sleep
Achilles: the word 'scared'
Favorite Class: PTNS
Least Favorite Class: COMC
Hates: bullies

Best Friends (other OCs): America Reynolds, Chloe Grace, Caitlin Garcia, Esmerelda Emrald, Brittany Hills, Elsa Smith (in honor of Ellie Smith), Jadie Sams

Appearence (FC Jade Pettyjohn):

Club Links
Tyria Amaryss' Official Everything Shop - Role-Play
Hogwarts Hotel - Role-Play
Camp Half-Blood - Group
Beauxbatons School Of Magic - Group
Junior Quidditch Team - Group
Tyria's Techs - Group
HIH Daily - Group
Wonderland Ball - Group
You are more than welcome to join any of these, but please read the rules upon joining.

If you are wondering how I got this HTML coding onto my backstory, you can read my book, Library HTML Coding Guide. This book can help you get coding for your backstory, including a much easier way to get images onto your backstory without even needing an imgbb account.

I'm currently not doing RPs, so please don't post here saying you want to as I will not respond. I'm taking a short break from RPs due to IRL reasons- don't ask why.

I was born in a cold, cold December. My parents left me for money and I was sent to an orphanage. I had magic in my veins, but my parents did not. I had some severe 'accidents' with magic before and I was not looking to have any more until a lady appeared at my orphanage window.

She claimed to be a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I believed her because I believed I had magic. She gave me a letter and vanished into thin air. Inside was a welcome note, a list of supplies that were to be found in Diagon Alley, and a ticket to platform 9 3/4.

Now, I had no idea what any of this meant, but there was an address to get to Diagon Alley from my location at the orphanage. I immediately fled the orphanage in the middle of the night (the same night) and walked to the address on the list.

I eventually got there, but there were no shops- not a single one, only a tavern. I saw the lady who had come to my orphanage in the middle of the night motioning for me to come where she was. She pulled out a long stick, tapped it on a brick wall, and the wall began to open up into a door that led into a huge alley filled with shops- Diagon Alley.

I then realized that what she had was not a stick, but a wand. She gave me a brief tour of the place and then we stopped at Gringotts to get the money I needed to buy my Hogwarts supplies. We then went to Ollivanders where I found my first wand. I'd taken the train to Hogwarts and got ready for my new life.

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If you'd like any HTML coding help (the code that is used on HIH), please send me an Owl! I take orders currently, so in the Owl you should have...

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Cursor you'd like (optional)
Words in bold, italic, or underlined you'd like to have
Any other notes (theme, buttons, links, etc)
Full character info on HIH

I'll make a form soon which will be much easier for me to get back to you sooner and a way for me to remain to keep things organized in my Owlery.

Once I receive the Owl, I'll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime, you can read my book in the library called Library HTML Coding Guide, which is a guide to coding your backstory. It includes a MUCH easier way to get images in your book without needing an imgbb account.
(I realize I mentioned this twice now, in my backstory)

Thank you for reading my backstory!

IRL Information
Name: Kaitlin
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Timezone: EST
Zodiac: Gemini

*don't use this information for personal benefit. This is to let you know how much I can take in at a time. Break this rule and expect to be blocked and reported.
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