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Time to earn all of the House Points. Go Ravenclaw!

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Melissa had never expected to receive an owl from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had read the story of Harry Potter many times and wished many more than she could be part of that world. She was flabbergasted when she actually got her letter at 29 years old. Apparently, the Wizardind War really had taken place and the dark lord, Voldemort really had wiped out the database of muggle-born students. The letter promised a chance to pursue the magical education she had missed out on if she so chose to accept the opportunity.

Melissa didn't waste a moment as she packed anything she thought she might be and bought a plane ticket to London. She could always keep in touch with her friends and family back home. Her closest friends and family members, she told the truth to. The rest, she told that she was going to a college in England to further her studies. At the start of term, she eagerly walked through the wall dividing platforms 9 and 10 at King's Cross station with her luggage and a sweet barn owl in tow. She found an empty compartment that she somehow managed to keep to herself and eagerly bought as many sweets as she could handle when the trolley lady came by.

She spent the entirety of the train ride reading through her new and wildly fascinating school books as she munched on candy and treats. Once she arrived to Hogsmeade, she was thankfully spared the chore of rowing across the Black Lake with the first years. Instead, she was taken aside by the head boy and led to a group of adults of varying ages who were being taken up to the castle by thestral-drawn carriages, though separately from the more traditional students. The ride was over before she could settle her nerves, but the sight of Hogwarts as she stepped out of the carriage blew them away. She was home.

The head boy and head girl led them up the steps of the castle and inside through the enormous double doors. They led the way toward the great hall and then turned and headed for an antechamber to the side of it, large enough for their group. The one and only Professor Minerva McGonagall, because that had to be who she was, stood waiting for them with the frazzled sorting hat Melissa had read about so many times. Words failed her as each of the adults were called to wear the hat one by one as the hat sorted them. When her name was called, she stumbled a bit as she rushed forward to don the thinking cap.

"Hm... a very, very curious nature, you have. A thirst for knowledge... and an eagerness to understand magic... better be..." There was a moment of silence and the hat shouted, "Ravenclaw!"

Melissa beamed with pride as the hat was taken from her head. Soon after, they were led through a side door into the Great Hall, just as the first year students were arriving. Each of the house tables was pointed out to them and they were dismissed. She scurried over to the Ravenclaw table and slipped into an empty seat. She noticed a few students looking at her curiously, but she paid it no mind. Others didn't even seem to notice at all thanks to her youthful face. She watched the sorting with interest, her entire being buzzing with energy and anticipation. She was finally, finally going to learn magic... and at the school of her dreams. Once the sorting finished, the feast began. She ate many things, enjoying the opportunity to try things she had never eaten before. Once it was over, she headed up the stairs with her fellow Ravenclaws to the dorm. A few in front worked together to answer the riddle and once the portrait swung open, she followed the tide of students inside.

She made her way up to her dorm, saw her trunk in front of one of the four poster beds, and quickly changed into her pajamas. She climbed into the bed and fell asleep quickly, eager to end this day and begin her classes in the morning.

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