Lucy Ryder


It does not do, to dwell on dreams, and forget to live. - Albus Dumbledore

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Name: Lucy Theodora Ryder
Age: 16 (April 25, 2004)
Birthplace: Manchester, UK
Blood Status: Pure-blood
House: Hufflepuff
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: single
Contact information: Owls or posting on my wall

Lucy Ryder was born in Manchester in 2004. Her family consisted of her mum; Theodora, her dad; Smith and older brother, Lewis Ryder. Her parents devoted their lives to dark magic and they often used the most horrible curses, spells and potion. Lucy's parents would also occasionally use the curses on her and her brother. One day Lewis had decided it was enough. He didn't want his parents to hurt Lucy anymore, so he took his six year old sister and they ran away. They traveled with The Knight Bus for a long time, until Lewis got a letter. He had been accepted into a school; Hogwarts. He decided to go, but had to leave Lucy behind. Lucy was four years younger than Lewis and felt lost when he went away on the train. But one day a man called Carlisle found her. He took her in as if she was his own daughter. She lived with him and Lewis would visit in the holidays. Then a couple years later, Lucy received a letter of her own.
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