Addonikus Kciddir, O.M.3

Historical Theorist of Magic

What IS Magic? How is it created? Where does power originate from? - These are the central focuses of my research & theories. (Order of Merlin, 3rd)

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Ever since my days at Hogwarts (1999-2003), the various theories behind magic origination - the science of learning how spells are created and function - and attempting to understand more about the facts behind subjects like wand lore and charm creation have fascinated my mind. My studies have led me all over the world, meeting a great variety of magicians, spell casters, historians, and witches/wizards of great and small renown.

I am a limited-Metamorphmagus (having a set of only seven partial or full transformations), which has assisted greatly at times when dealing with research in the darker arts of magic. I have written no less than 13 full-length published works (and many more magical journal article publications) as a result of my research into the very foundations of magical creation and origination. As a result, I have been awarded the Order of Merlin, 3rd class, for my contribution to the wizarding world's store of knowledge, though I have my fair share of critics as well...

Due to my research leading me to publish works on gaining a full understanding of ALL magic, some of my theories focus on the distinction between light and dark magic. It is my goal and pursuit to assist the entirety of the wizarding world in better understanding how their magic exists and to what extent a more in-depth knowledge of the historical evidences can increase their skills and even assist in honing techniques to improve magical accuracy.

-- About me --
My Wand: Ash wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and hard flexibility
My Patronus: Ginger Cat
Favorite Trolly Snack: Fizzy Wizzy
Hogwarts Graduate of 2003
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