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NAME: Lotte Night
AGE: Teen
APPEARANCE: longer, blond hair with blue ends | wings in the neck | rose, pale skin | dark eyes
FAMILY: Mother | Father | Twin Sister | Cousin […]
HOUSE: Hufflepuff
WAND: 11 1/2" length | Hornbeam Wood | Unicorn Hair Core | Solid Flexibility
FAVOURITE CLASSES: Herbology and Astronomy
DREAM: After school she wants to become a healer and help people


Lotte is born into a wizarding family, which is related to the old and well known Malfoy family. Her 'older' sister Kathrin was born just a few minutes before her and was from the very beginning the favorite child. The night, in which they were born, was dark and a big thunderstorm raged over the property. An old tree, that their great-grandfather had planted there, was struck by lightning when the first of them came into life. Kathrin Night. As the second one entered the world, the dark sky cleared and shortly after, the only thing to hear were two little girls crying and a tree burning.

As they got older, each of them developed their own personality. No matter how alike Lotte and Kathrin were, they now had different interests and views on things.
Almost everyone in Lottes family went to Hogwarts and got into Slytherin. The twins were told everything about that house. But quite early on, Lotte noticed that she didn't like Slytherin and most of his stories and views. Like the rest of the family, her sister thought Slytherin was the one and only.

At an early age, Lotte started to show interest in Herbology and started to decorate her half of the corridor with plants. (The twins share the upper west corridor in their parents' house.) Her mum didn't allow her any dangerous plants, so she had non-magical and smaller harmless magical ones. Even tough Lotte was very interested in Herbology and stuff like that, she only had a few books about it. These few were from the library their parents had in the basement. But the most books there were about potions and other basic knowledge. She could have bought new books about it, but she spent her money on other things.

One thing Lotte and her twin have in commen is that they love books. In their corridor, there is a second library. The first one is the one full of books their parents bought and read (the one in the basement) and that second one is full of their own books and magazines. The twins spent most of their time in there reading.

The parents both are strict, but at least their mother shows Lotte and Kathrin, how much she loves them. Their father hardly smiles. When Kathrin plays Quidditch with father, Lotte spents time with their mother or just by herself. Even tough, Lotte looked like she's in to sports, she definitly wasn't at all.

Somtimes she went down into the kitchen and talked to the houselves of the family. The only one who treated the elves badly was their father and sadly most of the other relatives.

For some reason, Lotte's mum wanted her kids to have the wands as early as possible. Kathrin and Lotte only were ten years old and the Hogwarts letter hadn't even come yet. But no one in the family never even thought about the fact, that the girls may not be accepted at Hogwarts.
The next few days, her twin was too excited to concentrate on anything. She couldn't even sleep or eat. The only thing she thought of was her wand. Quite the opposite to Lotte. In fact, she was kind off in a bad mood. What use would it be to buy a wand now, if they were only allowed to use it in school? Why don't wait until they knew what other stuff they needed for school? The only thing the wand was good for now, was staring at it. How amazing.
And yet Lote was a little excited when the family gathered fully dressed in the large entrance hall. Her father had taken an extra day off to go to Diagon Alley with his daughters.
The parents took the girls by the hands and disapperated. They arrived in front of Gringotts and went first of all to their dungeons for money. First the one of the parents, then in Kathrins and finally in Lottes. Lotte's sister was much better at handling money than she was, which was why Kathrins dungeon was fuller. But that didn't matter, bacause her parents paid the most anyway.
The family strolled through the alley and enjoyed the day. Here and there they rummaged the shops and bought all sorts of things.
When they finally got to Ollivaders, Lottes legs trembled a little. As they entered, the air smelled old and dusty, and the floor under their feet creaked with every step.
An old man came out of the shop from behind and headed for the four. Lotte wondered how this wizard still lived, he looked so old and fragile. It looked like he might drop dead at any moment. But when Mr. Ollivander spoke, she only heard strength and she felt intimidated by the power that suddenly emanated from him.
"Hello there. How are you?" Ollivander rubbed his hands as he eyed the twins. "Oh twins and what kind! I must say, you look like your parents just used a doubling spell." Neither of the girls knew what to do and just awkwardly smilied at the old man.
Kathrin was the first one getting her wand, as always. Lotte was used to the fact that her sister always was the first one and wanted to be the best at everything she did. Lotte could see how much it cost her sister to stay still while the wandmaker was doing his job. Finally he was finishedd and they found the perfect wand for Kathrin. Now it was Lottes turn. When Ollivander started, a terrible thought came up in lotte: What if he didn't have a wand that suited her? But before she could start to worry, Ollivander pressed various sticks into her hand. Suddenly a pleasent tingling sensation came from one of the sticks as she closed her fingers around the warm wood.
"I think it's that one." Lotte said and looked up. Her father smiled at her and she realized how rare it was to see her father smile.

Shortly after Lotte got her wand from Ollivanders, the letter from Hogwarts came. She only was ten, but in december she was going to turn eleven. The morning the owls brought the great news, Lotte was the first one awake, as always, and helped the houselves with the breakfast in the kitchen. As she came up the stairs and opened the garden door to watch everything wake up, the two owls landed on her shoulders. One of them was brown and the other white. Lotte immediately recognized the wax stemp that was used to seal the letters. The Hogwarts logo. She took the owls inside, so they could rest a bit before they flew back and detached the letters quickly. After placing the owls in the care of a house elf, Lotte ran into the corridor where she suspected her mother. She found her sitting in her private conservatory.
"Mum, mum! The…the…let-letters.." Lotte had to catch her breath before she could continue speaking. Her mother had got up and slid elegantly towards her.
"Go wake your sister. We have something to celebrate."
Lotte turned around and ran up the stairs to the upper west corridor. She passed her green half, then the middle marked by the library and finally her sisters' rooms. Just a bit further and she reached the last room in the corridor . This part was almost completly dark and a pleasent warmth welcomed her. Lotte didn't even knocked and just smashed open the old wooden door, that leads to Kathrins bedroom.
As she entered the room, she stumbled over several things lying on the floor. (Kathrin isn't very organized neither is Lotte, both of them don't like doing their chores, except for cooking. But sometimes at least Lotte loves to clean and when she does, it is real clean, like you cannot find the smallest grain of dust anymore.) Lotte made her way to the big windows and opened the heavy, dark blue curtains, which Kathrin only uses in summer. Bright morning light came in and dust flew in the air, glittering and shining as it were magical.
"What do you want?" Under a pile of blankets and pillows, Lotte could see the blue ends of Kathrins hair. Now that Lotte could see the floor, it was easier to make her way across the room to the big, comfy bed. With a great jump she landed on the bed next to her twin.
"GET UP!" Lotte slapped her sister playfully with the letters. But Kathrin only grunted and tried to kick her. Lotte started throwing the many pillows from the bed onto the floor and looking for her sister.
"Come oooonnn! I have a surprise for you!" Lotte found an almost perfect copy of her own face. They looked nearly the same, but somehow Lotte had a rosy skin tone and her hair too.
"I'm sure cousin is coming this evening." She now murmured into Kathrins ear.
"Why would she?" Asked she back, as she tried to win the blanket drawing competition.
Since the girls can remember their cousin was a bigger sister to them. If the twins could, they would spend every day with her. But that wasn't possible. Uncle, auntie and cousin lived in northern Scottland. Also cousin studied at Beauxbatons and not at Hogwarts. Why Lotte dindn't know, but it made her kinda sad, that they will see her even more less, know that they went to Hogwarts.
"Becaaauuuse…ooffff…THIS!" Again Lottee slapped her sisters face carefully with the Hogwarts letters. Finally Kathrin opened her eyes and looked at them.
"Are those what I think they are?" Her voice was shaking with excitement.
"Mmh, yes!" Lotte almost fell out of the bed, as Kathrin hurried to sit up. Both girls smiled and then laughed. It was a beautiful sound and it filled the whole house with joy.
A great feast took place in the evening and it lasted long into the night and early morning.

Unlike before, this time her father didn't take a day off to go to Diagon Alley with his family.
To get all of the School supplies, mother, Kathrin and Lotte used the Floo Network. Lotte was the first one to go through it. She took a step forward and said: "Diagon Alley" Lotte came out in Madam Malkin's robes for All Occasions.
"Good day." The woman behind the counter looked up from her work, as she saw Lotte.
"Oh, ehm hello." Lotte left the shop and made her way to Gringots. There she already saw Kathrin waiting.
"There you are. I couldn't see you and so I just took a random stack.Which one did you take?"
"I landed at Madam Malkin's. Where is mum?" Lotte looked around.
"Oh, she must be here any second. Look, there she is." Kathrin pointed at the slender woman with light, long hair, which fell over her shoulders and looked around searching. The twins looked much like their mother. As they walked up to her, many different people passed them. It was a beautiful day and every witch and wizard in the Alley was in a good mood. They stopped to talked with each other and made appointments for a drink together. As the two girls reached the mother, they continued their way into Gringots and their dungeons.
"Alright, what do we need?" Her mother asked after they got money.
"Ehm, here: Three Sets of Plain Work Robes, black; One Plain Pointed Hat, also black, for day wear; One Pair of Protective Gloves, dragon hide or similar; One Winter Cloak, black, silver fastenings and name-tags for all of them." Lotte looked up from the list that Hogwarts send. Kathrin grabbed the note from her hand and read on.
"Then books: The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 by Miranda Goshawk; A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot; Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling; A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch; One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore; Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger; Fantasitc Beasts and where to Find Them by Newt Scamander and The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble. Other Equip-" Lotte snapped the list back.
"Other Equipment: Wand; Cauldron, pewter, standard size 2; set of glass or crystal phials; telescope; set of brass scales and a pet. And remember, Kathrin, don't bring your broomstick."
"Oh I won't, but I'm sure I still get into the quiditch team." Kathrin said confidently.
"Yeah, if you say so."
All day long they walked through Diagon Ally and bought all sorts of things. It was one of these days, when everything was just perfect.

**PLATFORM 9 3/4**
The night before the Hogwarts Express started from platform 9 3/4, neither of the twins could sleep. To Lottes surprise, her father took a day off to bring his daughters to the track. In order not to attract attention (and for the good of the girls, because apparating doesn't get them very well), the four drove to Kingscross in London in an elegant black car.
Kathrin and father first went through the barrier and shortly afterwards Lotte and mother followed. Many other students and parents were already at the platform. The Nights quickly discovered friends of them. Lotte wasn't able to follow the conversations around her, she was to excited.
When the time came and she got on the train, her heart pounded in her throat and she reached for Kathrin's hand. Together they sat down in an empty compartment and waited what would happened next.

When the train finally arrived in Hogsmead, it was already dark. Lotte didn't realized what was happening, until she entered the Great Hall and all eyes went to the new students.
Kathrin was the first one of the twins that got called out. Both of them knew that it only could be Slytherin, and they were right. Shortly after Kathrin putted the hat on her, it shouted "SLYTHERIIN!". Everyone clapped and Kathrin hopped off the stool.
The next one was Lotte. Her legs were shaking as she went up to the stool and sat down on it. A soft voice whispered in her ears as the hat obscured her view.
"Ah I see you are fair and have a great sense of justice…" A pause. "…good good…" an other pause and Lotte clenched her hands. "…but you also want to prove what you can…" Heavy breaths. "...But you're quite lazy too…" Lotte was happy only she could here what the hat talked. "...Yeah I think…" Her heart stopped. "HUFFLEPUFF!" As Lotte opened her eyes, the light dazzled her a bit and her ears exploded under the loud roar of applause. While she made her way to the Hufflepuff table, her eyes searched for her sister's. Lotte found Kathrin sitting on the Slytherin table and looking half happy and kind off sad. Lotte could imagine that she too was sad that they weren't in the same house.

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