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I am an shapeshifting witch. I can change in to any animal, I mean ANY POSSIBLE ANIMAL even the extinct and the mystic ones you name it and I can change (I can even change into other people dead or alive ;) ). I also have a "power" to read peoples personality's by just looking at them (it's a family thing). I have anger issues witch I can't control and sometimes I can shapshift into a really powerful and strong animal (dragon,dinosaur). I become popular in the school for my messing around and making pranks on teachers and my humor, I become the schools number 1 class clown. I suffer from dyslexia, anger issues, lack of grammar in writing but over all I'm a really great student. I traveled the world with my family and saw the beauty in it and I talked with a lot of animals. Also we shapeshifters know every language (each year we learn a new language, for me this year is Gaeilge :D). My family is a rather large family, so large I don't even know half of my cousin's, we are originally from Ireland but god knows in witch country my family isn't living.

Wand: Maple wood with a phoenix feather core, 13 ¾"
Patronus: Dragon
Height: 5'7 (I know, I'm tall)
Relationship status: Single
Favorite magical creature(s): Merpeople, Pheonix, Dragon, Centaurs

sometimes sarcastic
if you you stab me in the back then I'll make sure to make you're life a living hell >:D
will have your back at anytime of the day or night
really smart (street smart)
if you need survival and life tips call me up
loves to sing and dance (and has talent)
very very VERY creative and likes to draw her thoughts

Blonde with colored bangs (purple long bangs)
always has a ponytail (high and low)
Skinny (skin and bone)
wears oversize hoodies and shirts with short shorts
changing eyes

Pet: I have a farm at my family's house with all kinds of animals, but I mostly hang out with the hippogriff, giffin and the dragons in the woods (dragons aren't a part of our farm in fact I should not even go near them but my family doesn't see what I see in them)

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