Lucy Mark


▐ ✗ nothing is ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ━━ but ʸ̲ᵒ̲ᵘ̲ʳ i̶m̶p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ are quaint. ❜

  • Joined June 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 22 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Romania



° & . ABOUT !


full name & title. lucille mark
nicknames. lucy , lu
birthday. june, 12nd
zodiac. gemini
species. human / witch
gender / pronouns. cis-female, she/her
occupation. student
spoken languages. english, romanian, spanish, latin
sexual & romantic orientation. bisexual
abilities. tba.


parents. rose & virginius mark
siblings. none
notable friends / allies. other slytherins
significant other. none
pet(s). jinx (grey persian cat) , sammy (black cat) , othello (white owl)


height. 5'4
hair. dark brown
eyes. dark brown
distinguishing marks. n / a
faceclaim. sofia carson


compassion. 9/10
empathy. 10/10
passion/motivation. 10/10
creativity. 5/10
teamwork. 7/10
stamina. 8/10
initiative. 9/10
restraint. 10/10
agility. 8/10
strategy. 4/10
physical strength. 4/10
battle skill. 8/10


house. slytherin
blood status. muggle-born
wand. rowan wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and slightly yielding flexibility
patronus. wolf
animagus. grim wolf
boggart. being laughed at for being a muggleborn slytherin
favorite class(es). charms, history of magic, mythology, transfiguration


lucy mark was your usual girl next door — or was she? she grew in a rather quiet house alongside her parents, although her situation wasn't exactly the greatest, for she was forced to aim higher than it was possible. with this nuisance weighing on her shoulders, she had her breakdowns; but no, not the ordinary type, she would conjure up dreadful storms, bring chaos to those who took advantage of her kindness and once she almost interrupted the electricity inside the building she used to call school those days. it was the moment she questioned her origins which lead to her grandmother, from whom she discovered she might be the next witch in line, descending from two generations in a row ever since the beginning of time. after that mind blowing discovery, lucy decided to take the matter into her own hands, searching up in books and ancient sources about her past, or what can she do, if she were indeed a witch. that's when a letter flew into her room, straight from the opened window; hogwarts was the name which was about to change her life upside down, but for the greater good (für das größere wohl, as grindelwald once said). next thing she knew, her parents brought her to london, on platform 9 3/4, which marks the beginning of a marvellous story, ready to be disclosed right before your very own eyes. but beware, nothing about what you see or hear must be exactly as it is, the truth will always disguise, the lies will deceive you if you don't focus and in a heartbeat you'll be astounded by a forged reflection of an illusion constructed by your own mind.

° & . MUN !

alohomora to the person behind the muse, for she shall appear every once in a while. hi, hello, i'm jo, your local gal whom you can talk to about literally anything. i don't really like to specify a lot of things about myself, but all i can tell you is that i am of age (18+) and i'm a hp lover since '05 i think, when i tried to read my very first book aka philosopher's stone. this account has been established in june of 2020 and even if i have been roleplaying on other platforms for almost 8 years now, i will be a little clumsy around here, so i apologize in advance and i hope i won't be a nuisance to you. i can't wait to roleplay around here as well and discover so many fascinating characters and plots, so buckle up for everyone, i suppose, and thank you for taking your time to read this, you really came so far??

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