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“If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like the sun.” ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

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Alexa Black was born at Godric's Hollow. Her parents are Matilda and Charles Black. She has got pureblood wizard family. Also, she had three big brothers. Her brother Richard, her father and her mother are the only Death Eaters in her family. Her other brother Jack killed by Voldemort because he was against Voldemort. Alexa became pessimistic after that. She was against Voldemort too but she cannot say that...

Now, She is proud to be a Slytherin. She has a snake. Her snake's name is Dragoss. They get along well with her because she knows parseltongue. And she really loves potion class...

Her patronus

Her Pet

Her Wand: Hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14 ¼" and hard flexibility

Her favorite singer

(Ariana Grande and Alexa Black)

✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿Her favorite things✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Playing rock guitar✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Listening music✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Walking under the rain✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Drinking coffee with friends✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Making potions✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿
✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿ Listening scary stories✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿

︻╦╤─ Her dislikes
︻╦╤─ Selfish people
︻╦╤─ Pink
︻╦╤─ Voldemort
︻╦╤─ Umbridge

Things she likes to read
+ Harry Potter
+ Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down
+ Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds
+ Murder on the Orient Express
+The Hunger games
+ Marvel (comics)

Her favorite HP characters
+ Bellatrix Lestrange
+ Severus Snape
+ Draco Malfoy

Lucky are those who find a true loyal friend in this fake world....

Alexa has excellent friends and she's so lucky to have them...

- Jeff Anderson
- Patricia Malfoy
- Barbara Lestrange
- Kevin Johnson

Jeff Anderson: Blood status: Half-blood Gender: Male Personality: He is supportive, kind and brave. He is really wonderful. He is a Gryffindor. He can be annoying sometimes but its ok. He is the only Gryffindor in their group.

Patricia Malfoy: Blood status: Pureblood Gender: Female Personality: Patricia is a Slytherin too! She is unfortunately arrogant and sarcasstic. But she is beautiful...she is supportive too! And you should know her if you want to love her...

Barbara Lestrange: Blood status: Pureblood Gender: Female Personality: Alexa dont love her behavior to muggles and muggle borns. She is making fun with them... Of course she has good features too! She is honest and loyal. She is a Slytherin.

Kevin Johnson: Blood status: Muggle-born Gender: Male Personality: He is really so strong because Barbara making fun with him everyday but he dont care. And Kevin is really a good person. He is loyal, honest, kind, brave. He is a Hufflepuff

Alexa will wear this dress in Yule Ball

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