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Sarah Scamander
Nickname(s): Sar (Only on this account), Ghosty Queenie (Don't usually go by it but meh) Forest (Ask), River (Ask. I would use this but it's my friends nickname)
Looks: Hazel eyes, light skin, dark blonde hair
Date of birth: January 12
Sexuality: Bisexual
What's wrong with me: I have a little depression, I also have asthma and am allergic to nuts
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Cinnamon Mylie
♣️ Nickname(s): Cinnamon (Anyone) CM (this account only) Cinny (Hazelbear only)
♣️ Gender: Female
♣️ Sexuality: ???
♣️ Birthday: April 17
♣️ Status: Taken by my Marcus
♣️ Appearance: Strawberry blond-ish hair, blue eyes, freckles
Lightish tanish skin
♣️ Age: 13
♣️ Personality: If I feel bad for you I'll probably call you Sugar (If you don't like that tell me), crazy once you get to know me, shy, wild, did I mention crazy?
♣️ Hobby's: Photography, art, writing, reading, horse riding

♣️ Likes: Blue, rose gold, my bf, Whataburger, animals
♣️ Dislikes: Trump (sorry to those of you who like him), bright pink, a-holes, b****es
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♣️ FC: No clue

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♡Name: Hazel Emma Anderson
♡Nicknames: Hazelnut (ask), Hazie (Angie), Haze (anyone), Azzy (anyone) (full list on personal account)
♡Blood Status: Muggleborn
♡Relationship Status: Single
♡Sexuality: Straight
♡Appearance: Light brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, average height
♡Personality: Kind, funny, weird, stubborn, talkative, loud, bold, curious, trusting
♡Likes: Harry Potter, animals, chocolate, reading, writing, acting, skateboarding, Star Wars, my friends
♡Dislikes: Meat, fake friends, moths, being left alone, homophobes, transphobes, racism, sexism
♡Zodiac Sign: Taurus
♡Birthday: May 10 (celebrated on May 11)
♡Patronus: Black Swan
♡Favorite Quote: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” -Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, The Marauders
♡House: Gryffindor
♡FC: Amanda Seyfried

Personal account

Name: J.J. Shaw
Nicknames: Ghost Queen (ask)
Blood Status: Mudblood
Relationship Status: Single Pringel
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Female but Idk if I want to be a guy or not…*confusion*
Looks: dyed red hair, it’s pretty long. tan skin, brown eyes, SHORT REALLY SHORT
Personality: Crazy, wild, stubborn, caring, CrAzY.
Likes: Harry Potter, LOTS OF CHOCOLATE, Hufflepuff
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